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Truth and Consequences by Sarah Madison Tour & Giveaway !!

Truth and Consequences
Series: Sixth Sense
Author Name: Sarah Madison

Book: Three
Best read as a series
Release Date: October 14, 2015
Pages or Words: 258 pages
Categories: M/M Romance, Mystery, Paranormal
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Cover Artist: Paul Richmond


I knew the moment John walked into the bar. It was like my sonar pinged, my radar lit up—you name it. I heard the door open, and without turning around, I knew it was him because the hair on the back of my neck stood up. Because something in my gut tightened, and my cock lifted in earnest. I watched him in the mirror as he scanned the room, locked in on my presence, and stalked toward me like a panther in a pen full of sheep. Everyone else in the room was aware of him as well. I practically preened when he came up beside me. He took a seat and signaled the bartender, who came over with flattering attention.

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1. Let’s start out by getting to know you. Tell us 4 things about yourself that are not in your bio. 
Let’s see… I do a kick-ass Yoda impression. Be sure to ask me to do it if you ever see me in person. I have to contort my face into a really ugly expression to do it, so you get the bonus effect of seeing me act like an idiot too. I love taking pictures, but I only have a little point-and-shoot camera, so I take a lot of pictures of my pets. And mushrooms. I have no idea why, but I love taking pictures of wild mushrooms. And action figures pretending to have adventures. I love outrageous nail polish colors, and I wish hats would come back in fashion.

2. If you could go anywhere, all expenses paid, where would you go?
Oh wow. I seldom get to travel, so there are so many places I’ve dreamt of seeing. If I had to pick one place, though, I’d spend a month in New Zealand. I can think of so many movies and television shows that were filmed in this magical location. Besides, it produced Karl Urban.

3. List three books you have recently read and would recommend. 
I recently discovered Tasha Alexander’s Lady Emily series, and I highly recommend it. I devoured the first story, And Only to Deceive, in a single evening, and then rushed out and bought the rest in the series. If you like well-written historicals with a fascinating heroine and a touch of mystery, these are for you. Ditto with Emma Jameson’s Lord Hetheridge series, and her Dr. Bones mysteries as well. If you looking for your next book boyfriend, love steampunk and Egyptology, you should check out Anna Butler’s The Gilded Scarab. Hah, it sounds like I read mostly historicals, but really, I read much more than just that! too.

4. What do you always order in a favorite restaurant?
It depends on the restaurant. I have a distressing tendency to order cheeseburgers wherever I go, unless it is to someplace fancy, and then I get the fish if it’s on the menu. Mostly because I like fish, and I know I should eat it more often, but I’m such a crappy cook, I have to get someone else to make it for me before I’ll eat it!

5. What do you hope to accomplish in the next 12 months?
I’d like to get several writing projects completed and submitted. My output has been a little slow the last few years, and I’d like to change that.

6. What do you like to read?
Mysteries, sci-fi, fantasy, historicals, and paranormals. Give me a combination of the genres, and you have one happy fangirl.

7. What do you look when choosing a book to read?
I confess, I’m a cover whore. A good cover will pull me in for a second look. An excellent blurb will make me pick it up. But when it comes to the story itself, I’m looking for bang-up good story-telling. I love strong characters with snappy banter, and plot-driven stories. I love a good romance, but I want more than just two people meet and fall in love. I want them to struggle to overcome something: a murder, a quest, an alien invasion…

8. What do you need someone to invent right away?
A smoke detector that turns off when you yell, ‘I’m just cooking!” at it. Yes, I saw this as a meme on Facebook, but I really need one!

9. What does the word "romantic" mean to you?
I think sometimes people think of romance as candlelit dinners and long walks on a moonlit beach, usually as a prelude to a night of passion. I do think that a romantic evening can lead to passion, but I think sometimes we discount the smaller, more prosaic acts in our lives as not being because it is not a huge gesture. Sitting beside someone on the couch and having them reach out to touch you just because you are there? That's romantic in my book. I’d rather have a hundred small acts of love like that than a dozen roses or fancy dinners. Someone who stops by the store to pick up chocolate on the way home because they know you’ll want some after dinner. Who sends you a link about not giving up on your dreams because they don’t think you should give up on yours. Who doesn’t tell you how to live your life, or belittle your goals. Who holds your head when you’re sick over the toilet and checks to make sure you made it home in bad weather. Someone who doesn’t necessarily have to tell you they love you because they show you in a thousand ways every day.

10. Can you share something about your works in progress?
I’ve got a lot of irons in the fire at the moment! I am currently working on a story set in the 1950s about a secret agency within the CIA set up to investigate a series of mysterious artifacts that have surfaced all over the world after the advent of nuclear testing. My heroine is an agent sidelined by injury, and then assigned to a scientist to work undercover as a married couple in a suburban neighborhood that seems to be the foci of unusual activity. I liken it to Ward and June Cleaver meet the X-Files. I also have plans to write more stories in the universe of my vampire/shifter story, Crying for the Moon. Peter and Nick need their own story told, and there’s more to Tate’s background than anyone knows. If you could see me now, you’d know I was rubbing my hands together with glee over all the plans I have for stories!

Meet the author:
Sarah Madison is a veterinarian with a big dog, an even bigger horse, too many cats, and a very patient boyfriend. She is a terrible cook, and concedes that her life would be easier if Purina made People Chow. She writes because it is cheaper than therapy.

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