Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Kiss of Destiny by Deborah Cooke

Book Name: Kiss of Destiny

Author: Deborah Cooke

Series: The Dragon Legion (DrangonFire 9.3)

Release Date: January 14, 2014

Main Characters: Thad & Aura

Category: M/F

Author's  Website

Reviewer: LT

My Rating: 5 stars

Blurb: He will sacrifice anything to win his destined love...
When the darkfire crystal takes the dragon shape shifters Thad and Drake to an unknown location, only fulfilling his firestorm matters to Thad. Little does he know that in following its light to his destined mate, he’s stepping into the realm of the gods, a place so forbidden to mortals that any who enter it must die. Aura has always been skeptical of long-term promises—but Thad is irresistible. No sooner does Aura surrender than the gods demand their due of her dragon shifter. Can she save Thad and make the dream of the firestorm come true?

This edition includes a cast of continuing characters, a Dragonfire glossary and an excerpt from the next Dragonfire novel, Serpent's Kiss.

Review: Thad and his dragon tooth warriors have given so much of their lives to the protection of the human race. Now after thousands of years of service they are being rewarded by being returned to, or sent to the time where they will meet their destiny mates. A Destiny mate is the only mortal that can birth their dragon son. Thad was very excited about his firestorm (sparks that fly between him and his destiny mate) He has been flung through time and each time watching one of his warriors leave to be reunited with their mates. Now it's his time, but sadly his mate isn't a mortal so the one thing he wanted more then anything may never happen.
Aura is a nymph and was a result of a raped birth. After her mother sacrificed herself to ensure Aura's safety, Aura has lived her life carefully not to let any man get close to her.

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