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M/M Veterans Day Scavenger Hunt- author Sloan Johnson- Character Interview and Giveaway

Welcome to the MM Veterans Day Scavenger Hunt

Joining us today for the last stop on the scavenger hunt is Sloan Johnson and she brought along a few guys from her Homeruns series for a quick Q&A.

These first few Rapid Fire questions are for Sloan, don't skip here you might need the answers :)

Chocolate/Vanilla ---Chocolate
Coke/Pepsi ---Pepsi
Morning/Night ---Night (wish it was morning)
Coffee/Tea ---Coffee
Summer/Winter ---Winter

1. Jason, with everything that you dealt with in regards to Adam, what does Veterans Day meant to you?
Until recently, it was a pretty shitty day for me. I know that sounds bad, but it put me into a dark place, seeing all the parades and celebrations for the men and women who served and came home. Selfishly, it made me question why Adam couldn’t be one of them. Why he had to be one of the ones who never made it back.
This year, Cam saw my mood slipping a bit and reminded me that I’m not alone. Thousands of men and women out there lost someone they loved. He suggested that I get off my ass and do something so I wasn’t stewing all day, so we put together some care packages to take to rehab facilities. My hope is we can make this an annual thing we do because it gave me so much perspective. There are questions surrounding Adam’s death that we may never have answers to, but not one person who signs a contract is given a guarantee that they’ll come home.

2. Bryce, you had a long stint in the army, and lost many brothers in the Middle East, what does Veterans Day mean to you?
I know it might sound weird, but it’s not really something I like to talk about. Yeah, I’m here, but it makes me uncomfortable when people I’ve never met come up to me wanting to know about my time overseas.

3. Mason: With Sean at Spring Training most of February and March, what do you do to fill the time? Asher being so young, must take a lot of your time, but is there time for you to sneak in for yourself?
You’d think that, wouldn’t you? Sean thinks the same thing, but now that Asher’s two, there’s no downtime. That whole parents’ curse thing about wishing you have a child just like you… it’s not limited to biological children. Every time I call my mom asking her what to do about Ash’s latest devious plot, she laughs and laughs at me. By the time Asher’s in bed, I’m exhausted. He did recently start a daycare program two days a week so he can learn how to interact with kids his own age, so when he’s there I’ve been going to Secured Hope to help wherever they need it.

4. Everyone: When you are just hanging out with your teammates, do you ever feel like playing a pickup game or is it work, and when you are off the clock, you are off the clock?
Drew: Most of the time, we’re ready to kick back and relax if we’re not at the park. Plus, since a few of the guys are getting old and slow, it’s not as much fun.
Mason: Speak for yourself, half-pint. Just remember, I didn’t quit because I couldn’t play anymore, I did it because there were other things I wanted more.
Sean: (pats Mason’s arm) Yes, dear.
Mason: What? It’s the truth! And admit it, me retiring was the best thing that could’ve happened for us.
Jason: Yeah, now you get to play the happy housewife. Say, have you worn that frilly apron we gave you for Christmas?
Mason: Fuck off.
Cam: Children, settle down.
Eric: Who you calling a child?
Bryce: See what I have to deal with? The truth is, those of us who don’t play make sure they always have plenty to do so we don’t have to listen to the posturing all day. It’s bad enough when they huddle around the Playstation and fight over which teams they’re going to play on the screen.

5. Cam: You and Jason weren’t able to talk about how you did during the cooking competition. Did you have a hard time keeping the outcome a secret from him?
Definitely! It didn’t help that Jason has some very creative torture techniques. He almost got it out of me a few times, but the only thing that terrified me more than whatever he was threatening was having to forfeit the prize. That might sound self-centered, but there are very few chefs out there who can claim to have won a show like A Cut Above and it’s something I’m damn proud of accomplishing.

6. Drew: As the holidays approach, do you have plans to take Bryce and Eric to your parents farm? Maybe they can help milk some cows, or feed the chickens?
Dad’s pretty good about not expecting the spouses to get up and help with chores, but I’m not my dad. If I have to drag my ass out of bed that early, so do they. Of course, we’ll have to figure out how to make Eric realize that the chickens aren’t going to peck out his eyes in his sleep for stealing their eggs, but we’ll get through it.

7. Eric: So much has changed since you retired from baseball. You have a new job, new love, and you have to tiptoe around a teenager in the house. How has all that affected you personally?
It’s been great! I think it’d be harder if I didn’t have Secured Hope to keep me busy. Baseball isn’t the type of career you hang onto until Social Security starts rolling in and we all know it. Some guys struggle to figure out what they’re supposed to do once baseball ends and I didn’t have to do that. My grandfather has always told me that everything in life falls into place when it’s supposed to and I think he’d be happy to see that he was right.

8. Cody: How is life treating you? What is ahead for you?
Life’s really, really good! It was a tough spring, but my new family’s made sure I don’t dwell on the things that don’t go the way I want them to. I’m in school now, trying to figure out what I’ll major in and just trying to live a normal life. Well, as normal as you can when everyone you go home to see on the weekends is a professional athlete.

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