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M/M Veterans Day Scavenger Hunt Tour & Giveaway- today we have author Charlie Cochet along with DEX and SLOAN

Welcome to the MM Veterans Day Scavenger Hunt

Please help me welcome Charlie Cochet, the fabulous author of one of my all time favorite series, the THIRDS series. Today Charlie brought along Dex and Sloan with her for a quick interview.  *I'm so freaking excited to have them here-Wendy*

These first few Rapid Fire questions are for Charlie, don't skip here you might need the answers :)

Chocolate/Vanilla ---Chocolate
Coke/Pepsi ---Coke
Morning/Night ---Morning
Coffee/Tea ---Coffee
Summer/Winter ---Winter
Now for the good part- our guys are here answering some questions for us.

Hello! Thank you so much to Book Lovers 4 Ever for having me and the fellas over. I’ll try and keep Dex from getting into too much trouble.
Dex: I call shenanigans! Shenanigans, I say! Why am I always the one being accused of troublemaking?
Sloane: *pats Dex’s leg as he smiles* Isn’t he just adorable?
Dex: *narrows his eyes at Sloane* You’re supposed to back me up.
Sloane: And I do, sweetheart, but sometimes the evidence is too hard to ignore. Dex: *let’s out a sniff* I don’t think I like you anymore.
Sloane: You know you love me.
Dex: *sighs* I do. Damn you and your chiseled jaw.

Charlie: All right, guys. Let’s get down to it. This question is for Sloane. The thought of having kids freaks you out! Is that based on your own experiences as a child or something else?
Sloane: No, that’s based on my experiences as an adult. I consider myself to be a pretty reasonable guy. I like there to be some semblance of order in my life.

Charlie: *moves gaze to Dex and back. Dex is not amused.*
Sloane: *laughs* I can work with that chaos. But kids? I mean, here you have this tiny being relying on you for everything. I had roughly nine years of a shitty childhood and the rest I won’t even get into. The thought of having this innocent life in my hands looking to me for guidance, it terrifies the hell out of me. What if I fuck it up? It’s on me.

Charlie: Okay, this next question we’ll give to Dex. We know Sloane tends to make breakfast--how do you guys divide other normal domestic duties?
Dex: It depends on what’s going on that day and how we’re feeling. If one of us has had a really rough day, the other will take care of most of the chores. Sloane spends more time at mine than he does his, but he’s always been comfortable at my place, so he was pitching from the beginning. I’m pretty fussy when it comes to cleaning the house and probably one of few people who actually enjoys it. I play my sweet tunes, get my groove on, and just go for it.
Sloane: *wriggles his eyebrows* Cleaning day is a good day.
Dex: Especially since it leads to some sexy-times in various places around the house. Sloane does a lot of the cooking, but I think that’s just so he can keep an eye on what I’m eating. He’ll take out the trash, because you know, he has those big muscly arms.
Sloane: But mostly because he’s a clean freak and the garbage grosses him out.
There’s that too. We take turns doing the laundry, and grocery shopping we do together.
Sloane: It’s not grocery shopping. It’s a tactical endeavor in which a great deal of strategy and subterfuge is involved. I spend most of the time thwarting Dex and his devious attempts to fill the shopping cart with junk food.
Dex: *arches an eyebrow at Sloane* Hey, those chicken nuggets were organic.
Sloane: *rolls his eyes* The only thing remotely organic about those chicken nuggets was the cardboard box they came in, and even then it’s questionable.

Charlie: Okay, Sloane, if you lost a bet with Dex and he let you choose between a week of "Dex's food", an evening at the bar where you should sing 3 songs at the karaoke and dance with him, and babysitting twins of 2 during a week-end, what would you choose?
Sloane: That one’s actually pretty easy. The karaoke and dancing. We’ve danced before. At home and at Dekatria. The karaoke, no one said I couldn’t have had a few drinks first. And I would pick the songs. Did I mention I’d most likely be drunk?

Charlie: This question is for both of you. If you were stuck on a desert island what two items would you take?
Dex: Fifty-five gallon drum of lube. It’s a thing. Look it up. I was going to have one delivered to Ash but then horrified myself with the thought of what he’d end up using it for. *frowns*
Sloane: I don’t even have words.
Dex: Item number two, solar powered satellite radio.
Sloane: So basically you have no intention of ever getting off this island.
Dex: I’d be with you, so what’s the rush?
Sloane: Aw, that’s sweet. *kisses Dex’s cheek* But someone needs to be practical, so I’m going to take my tactical field bag which has everything from flares and MREs to medical equipment.
Dex: That’s like loads of items.
Sloane: No, it counts as one. It’s a bag. Everything is in one bag. Item number two, emergency water filter.
Dex: And that’s why he’s Team leader.

Charlie: Okay, last questions. When is the wedding? *evil laugh* Or the next step? 

Sloane: *eyes go wide*
Dex: *pats Sloane’s leg reassuringly* Just breathe, babe. *smiles at Charlie* We haven’t moved in together yet, so that’s the next step.
Sloane: It was the right time. I spend more time at Dex’s than I do my own place, but mostly, I got used to going to bed with Dex in my arms, and waking up to him beside me. I never realized how much something like that would come to mean to me.
Dex: Aw, you so sappy.
Sloane: *sighs* I know.
Dex: Admit it, you got caught in the gravitational pull of my awesome.
Sloane: *teases* Yeah, I got caught in something all right. *laughs when Dex gasps and pokes him playfully on the side* Speaking of poking…. *leans in to whisper in Dex’s ear*
Dex: *blushes* Uh, we gotta go.

Charlie: Oh, but how about—
Dex: Sloane and I have, uh, agent business to attend to. Perps to catch, tactical things to tactize.
Sloane: Tactize is not a word, sweetheart.
Dex: I’m sorry, do you expect words to happen after what you just whispered in my ear. *jumps to his feet* It was nice talking to you all. Thanks for having us. *pulls Sloane up and drags him away* Have a great day, thanks for having us, only you can prevent forest fires.

Charlie: Um, okay. So, thanks everyone for stopping by! A big thank you to Book Lovers 4Ever for having me and the fellas over. Happy reading!

THANK YOU Charlie, Dex and Sloan for stopping by...umm Dex & Sloan have fun doing all that "tactizing". 
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  1. Love Dex and Sloane! Thanks for the fun interview. I need to read about the wedding. :-)

  2. I so love the antics Dex gets up to. and I LOVE Charlie's books.