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A Kind of Truth by Lane Hayes--Blog Tour and Giveaway!!

A Kind of Truth
Lane Hayes
A Kind Of #1

Release Date: January 8, 2016

Pages or Words: 82,000 words
Categories: Bisexual, Contemporary, Erotica, Gay Fiction, Humor, M/M Romance, Romance
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Cover Artist: Aaron Anderson


Rand O’Malley dreams of superstardom. He hopes to one day sing the blues like a rock god. Moving to New York City and hiring a new manager are steps to make his dreams a reality. But nothing moves as fast as Rand would like, and everyone has opinions, which include he keep certain pieces of himself quiet if he plans on making it in the Big Apple. Like his bisexuality.
Will Sanders is a gifted musician who dazzles Rand with his ability to coax gorgeous notes from an electric guitar one moment and play the piano like a professional the next. He’s a geek, but Rand isn’t concerned about Will’s pressed exterior clashing with his tattoos. His focus is music. Yet there’s something about Will that makes Rand think there’s much more to the quiet college student than he lets on. As Rand’s dreams begin to materialize, he’s forced to reconsider his priorities and find his own kind of truth. One that might include Will.

Excerpt for A Kind of Truth by Lane Hayes:
Watching Will’s face turn pink then red was extraordinarily entertaining. I nudged his elbow playfully and tried to gain control of my smile before it threatened to take over my entire face. When I couldn’t take the building pressure of emotion, I winked at the girls then leaned in and kissed his lips, loving that I took him by surprise. The elevator doors slid open a moment later. Will stepped into the empty corridor and gave me a wide-eyed incredulous stare.
“I cannot believe you just did that.”
“What? Kissed you on an elevator? It’s not like farting, ya know.”
Will huffed a sigh that clearly said he thought I was hopeless before turning to walk down the hall. “I was talking about the underwear comment but yeah, the kissing part was awkward too. No one wants to watch two people going at in a confined space. And besides, we’re supposed to be playing this strictly straight while we’re in public.”
He stopped to unlock the door to the classroom then pushed it open, pausing to give me a perturbed look before he moved inside ahead of me. I barked a quick laugh as I set my guitar on the back table and shrugged my jacket off.
“First of all, that was hardly going at it. It was a peck. You were the one advertising I left my clothes at your place in front of a couple cute girls. And who said anything about playing straight?”
“Were we not in the same room two mornings ago talking about this?”
“We were. In fact, we were naked in your bed. Decidedly un-straight. But the way I remember it, I was one who was holding back the gay while you were the one going for it. But let’s go back to the elevator. I think you purposefully blew my cover back there with those girls. Were you jealous?”
He snorted and rolled his eyes. “You’re unbelievable.”
“It wasn’t a compliment,” he quipped as he made his way to the piano.
“Well, the next time you announce you’re holding my underwear hostage in a crowd, all bets are off, baby.” I gave him a lascivious once-over and waggled my eyebrows before tightening the strap on my guitar.
Will chuckled. “I’ll keep that in mind. But I’m pretty sure your tighty-whities never came up. My comment was perfectly innocent. There’s a big difference between hats and underwear.”
“I’m on to you, Will. You wanted those girls to know something’s going on between us. They’re probably talking right now. Bet they’re wondering if we’re in here having sex. Hell, they could be outside that door listening. Maybe we should give ‘em something to talk about.” I made a show of unbuckling my belt and the top button on my 501s. “Is there a camera in this room?”
“Keep your pants on. I’ve got two months left till graduation and I’d prefer not to get kicked out of school, please,” Will said primly, smacking my hand away.
“You won’t get kicked out. I doubt we’d be the first anyway.”
I rezipped my jeans and started to back up, but at the last second, I reached out to cup his chin between my thumb and forefinger. I traced his jaw and let my thumb roam higher to caress his cheekbone just under his glasses. His eyes fluttered shut. I loved the contrast of his fair skin and darker lashes and eyebrows. He was so damn pretty. And those lips. They were sensuous. That was the word. I leaned in and brushed my nose against his. I could feel his breath on my lips. The urge to plunge my tongue inside and take what I was very sure we both wanted was strong, but I waited for his permission.
When he didn’t respond, I let my hand fall to my side and started to pull back. Maybe he really was serious about propriety in the classroom. I wasn’t used to curbing my impulses to suit someone’s else’s sensibilities. I’d spent twenty-five years doing only what I wanted. Screw anyone else. Now here I was, attempting to hide my gay side publicly while trying to follow Will’s lead in private. It felt strange, I thought, just as Will launched himself at me.
I grunted in surprise when he wrapped his arms around my neck and crashed his mouth over mine. He softened the connection and tilted his head as he raked his fingers through my hair. I responded but let him control the tempo. Until he tentatively licked my lips. Fuck, he tasted sweeter than I remembered. Like peppermint candy or hot chocolate. I pulled him flush against my chest and slid my tongue alongside his, twisting and colliding in a passionate fusion. When he gasped for air I pulled back only to have him grind his hips into mine and lick my jaw. He swayed into me with a moan and lost his footing.
“Steady there.”
Will was sexier than he knew, which spelled potential danger for me. It was better to let the music take over for now.

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Meet the author:
Lane Hayes is grateful to finally be doing what she loves best. Writing full-time! It’s no secret Lane loves a good romance novel. An avid reader from an early age, she has always been drawn to well-told love story with beautifully written characters. These days she prefers the leading roles to both be men. Lane discovered the M/M genre a few years ago and was instantly hooked. Her debut novel was a 2013 Rainbow Award finalist and subsequent books have received Honorable Mentions in the 2014 and 2015 Rainbow Awards. She loves red wine, chocolate and travel (in no particular order). Lane lives in Southern California with her amazing husband and the coolest yellow Lab ever in an almost empty nest.

Today I’m very lucky to be interviewing Lane Hayes author of The Right Time.
Hi Lane, thank you for agreeing to this interview.

Thank you for having me here today. The Right Time is Book 3 in the Right and Wrong Stories series. This is Alex and Nate’s story. Those who’ve read The Right Words and The Wrong Man will remember Alex from both stories and Nate from Book 2. I’m very excited about this one. Alex is a fun, vivacious character who’s been in need of a HEA since the beginning. Nate’s a lucky guy (and vice versa)! I’m going to let the guys take over from here. Enjoy!
*Lane hands mike over to Alex and Nate.

1) Tell us something about your friends.
Alex glances at Nate. “I’ll answer this one. We actually have a great group of mutual friends. My best friend Michael’s boyfriend, Luke, is best friends with Brandon. Bran is the guy who introduced us. Kind of.”

Nate nods. “Right. And Bran is with Jake, who’s a close friend of mine. As far as what we can tell you about them… they’re all great guys and we’re lucky to have their friendship and support. Friends you can count on are never to be taken lightly.”

2) What is your character’s favorite meal? Favorite dessert? Favorite snack food?
“My favorite meal… I could say a gigantic burger with cheddar cheese and onion rings, but my mother would roll over in her grave so I’ll keep it Mexican. I love almost all Mexican food, but I especially love chili verde. Favorite dessert… chocolate ice cream. Snack food… fruit, nuts. Foods that are easy to grab while I’m training. Your turn, Professor.”
“I love Mexican food too and I have a soft spot for chili verde,” Nate smiles at Alex before continuing. “I don’t eat dessert.”
“Boring!” Alex chides with an eye roll.
“I know, I know. Snack food… same as Alex. Fruit, a handful of nuts— really?” Nate smacks Alex’s arm playfully when he snickers. “Next question.”

3) What activity do you absolutely hate?
“I hate not having an activity. I’m always on the go. It’s torture for me to sit still for long periods,” Alex says with a dramatic shiver.
“It’s true. He can’t do it. Even on airplanes, he’s the guy pacing the aisles until the flight attendants ask him to please be seated.” Nate chuckles. “I’m pretty active too, but I’m a little more selective. I love anything in the water. Surfing, paddle boarding, jet skiing. I wouldn’t necessary say I absolutely hate it, but I’ll say fishing.”
“Does that count? If it does, put that down for me too. Boring!”

4) What other author’s book do you think you’d be good in?
Alex and Nate look at each other for a moment, then burst into laughter. “No idea, but if we got to choose, I’d say a comic book, Super Man or Green Lantern!”
Nate chuckles. “Yes, that would definitely be perfect for you. I think I’d choose a George R.R. Martin book.”
“That’s dangerous. He’d probably kill you off. Try J.K. Rowling instead,” Alex says with a wide grin.

5) What’s your favorite decade and why?
“Now. This last year has been amazing and I can’t help but feel I’m on the right track… professionally and personally.” Alex takes Nate’s hand and squeezes it tightly. Nate smiles affectionately and nods in agreement.
“I’m with Alex. I think either of us could say music from the 80s was awesome or the 60s was a time of incredible growth and change, but in a strictly personal sense… it feels very liberating to finally feel like you’re in the right place.”

And at The Right Time. (Sorry, I just had to throw that in there! ) Thanks guys!

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