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Going and Coming
Christopher Stone

Series: The Minnow Saint James Metaphysical Adventures
Book: One
Release Date: January 22, 2016
Pages or Words: 80,000 words
Categories: Contemporary, Gay Fiction, Mystery, Paranormal, Thriller, Humor, Metaphysical
Publisher: MLR Press

Excerpt:Who am I?
My name is Dr. Minnow Saint James. My family and friends call me Minn. To everyone else, I am Dr. Saint James.
I was born and raised in Beverly Hills, California, amid swimming pools, movie stars, and private schools. My parents are Sheila and Russell Saint James. Father owns and operates Saint James Cadillac, six highly successful Cadillac dealerships in the San Fernando Valley. Mother, known simply as She to one and all, is Lady Bountiful to Beverly Hills at large, conceiving and coordinating many of its most prestigious charity events.
Want someone to coax an antisocial celebrity into hosting a Republican fundraiser? Mother is your go-to gal.
A youthful forty, I now live and work in Hermosa Beach, California, one of Los Angeles County’s loveliest South Bay beach cities.
Minnow, now there’s a moniker you don’t hear every day. That is, unless you happen to be me. Jokes about my first name haunted my school years. But these days, when people speak of Dr. Minnow Saint James, there’s no mention of his quirky first name. They talk about my professional achievements: You see, nowadays, I have a wildly successful practice as America’s leading Past Life Regression therapist, and I’m also the founder of the Institute for Mental Health Through Past Life Regression Therapy, -now an international organization - with my friend and former professor, Dr. Adrian Finkelstein, as the Institute’s CEO.
But what exactly is a Past Life Regression therapist? I am in the business of going and coming – that is, going into my patients’ past, and sometimes future, lives through hypnotic regression, and coming back with the other life origins of their present life challenges.
My work is cutting edge and evolutionary. Let me put it this way: medical marvels such as artificial limbs, Titanium plates and other metal joints, and pacemakers, have already transformed humans from biological organisms into creatures that are biological and technological hybrids.
Similarly the science of psychology, will soon come to understand the necessity of treating the individual’s entire mental gestalt - including what we think of as past, and even future, lives - in order for the person to achieve mental health.
In my practice, I’ve been treating that entire gestalt for the past seven years. I’m the future of good mental health; science’s better way and brighter tomorrow. But to Psychology Today, and to most of the mental health community, the jury is still out on past life regression therapy, and so they claim my work is not science based.
Nonetheless my success rate, in excess of eighty-five percent, not only speaks for itself; it is the envy of the “scientifically sound” therapies. My services are sought out by people from all walks of life, and from all over the world. My private practice has a six-month waiting list.
Quite simply, while Mother is the go-to woman for Charitable Beverly Hills, I’m the guy ya gonna call when you believe the challenges of your current life may be rooted in a past, or future, one. Often my therapy represents the last, best hope of patients who have tried and failed to achieve mental health through traditional treatments.
The profession has many perks. For one, it is much easier dealing with other people’s issues than with your own. I have a good excuse, if not a good reason, for leaving my own challenges and shortcomings unexamined.
That is how I’m able to avoid pesky questions. Questions such as: Why, at forty-years-old, am I without a spouse, a boyfriend, or even the steady hook-up? I like to think the lack of romance in my life, and the absence of booty in my bed, are products of the spiritualization of my thought, gained in the eight years since my personal transformations. That is what I like to think. The truth may vary.

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Meet the author: 
Born in Bronx, New York, and raised in Fresno, California, Christopher Stone’s early years were dominated by school, watching television and motion pictures, bicycling, skating, and reading avidly. Summers were spent swimming, and doing whatever it took to survive the oppressive San Joaquin Valley heat. But he also remembers fondly the yearly summer trips to New York, to visit family and friends – and to see Broadway shows.
Christopher left Fresno, for Hollywood, California, during his college years after being accepted into the Writers Guild of America’s Open Door Program, a two-year, scholarship, training ground for aspiring screen and television writers. As it happened, rather than a teleplay or screenwriting gig, his first professional writing job was in journalism – as the Los Angeles Editor for Stage Door, at that time, Canada’s equivalent of the U.S. entertainment trade weekly, Variety.
Christopher would later use his Writers Guild of America training to co-author and sell the original screenplay, The Living Legend, with Jon Mercedes III, to the Erin Organization, and later, and also with Mercedes, to write two seasons of The Party Game, a Canadian TV game show.
As a young freelance entertainment journalist, he contributed to many Los Angeles-based publications, among them The Advocate, for which he wrote a breezy film column, “Reeling ‘Round,” and the Los Angeles Free Press. During this time, he became a member of the Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle.
Christopher dipped his toes into the world of motion picture advertising and publicity, as assistant to the West Coast Director of Advertising and Publicity for Cinerama Releasing Corporation, in Beverly Hills. At the same time, he also did special advertising and publicity projects for 20th Century-Fox. Christopher went on to become an Account Executive for David Wallace & Company, a public relations firm specializing in entertainment accounts – and located on West Hollywood’s legendary Sunset Strip.
Returning to his first love, writing, Christopher became a full time freelance contributor to national consumer publications including Us, Good Housekeeping, Family Circle, McCall’s, In Cinema, and The National Enquirer, among others. Many of his stories were syndicated worldwide by the New York Times Syndication Corp.
Another important area of endeavor for Christopher Stone was Re-Creating Your Self. A Blueprint for Personal Change that he first developed for himself, the journalist went on to teach the principles and processes of Re-Creating Your Self to others – first, in private sessions, later, in workshops and seminars, and, finally, for California State University Extended Education. Eventually, one of his students suggested he write a book version.
Re-Creating Your Self was first published in hardcover by Metamorphous Press, and subsequently published in a trade paperback edition by Hay House. It has since been published in Spanish, Swedish and Hebrew language editions.
When not writing, Christopher used his longtime interest in, and study of, metaphysics, to teach meditation and psychic development classes – first in Beverly Hills, then later, in Manhattan Beach.
He went on to co-author, with Mary Sheldon, four novellas for a Japanese educational publisher, and then, also with Mary Sheldon, the highly successful The Meditation Journal trilogy of hardcover books. Subsequently, he returned to journalism, this time, contributing hundreds of print and online entertainment features, columns and reviews to magazines and websites. For eight years, Christopher was the Box-office Columnist for MatchFlick.com, a popular online motion picture site.
In his private life, Christopher Stone met David M. Stoebner on May 17, 1994, and they have been together ever since. 
In 2008, they were married in Los Angeles.
They share a home with their three pets in Coastal Los Angeles County.
In 2013, Christopher’s pet project has been transforming their rarely used kitchen table area into a killer, retro 1950s Diner Nook, complete with a 1952 Seeburg Table Top jukebox, a neon diner sign, and a malt machine.
Christopher’s first novel, Frame of Reference was e and print published, in fall 2012, by MLR Press. A short story, Sweet Homo Alabama was published by MLR Press, December 19, 2012.
Stone spent much of 2013 writing Frame of Reference 2: The Dark Side of Stardom, a sequel novel to Frame of Reference, as well as, Abracadabra, and a short story, published at Halloween. But the indefatigable scribe also found time to contribute weekly reviews, columns and interviews to Queer Town Abbey.
On December 11, 2015, Christopher will introduce readers to the Past Life Regression therapist, Dr. Minnow Saint James, the subject of his new series, The Minnow Saint James Metaphysical Adventures, in the Christmas short story, Shaking the Holiday Blues Away, MLR Press. Going and Coming: The Minnow Saint James Metaphysical Adventures, Book 1, will be released by MLR Press, January 22, 2016. Website ~ Facebook ~ Twitter ~ Goodreads

Q&A with Christopher Stone

Let’s start out by getting to know you. Tell us 4 things about yourself that are not in your bio.
1. I’m an incurable romantic. My spouse will confirm this.
To my thinking, nature and nurture made me a fool for romance.
Here’s how I see it:
Just for openers, nature had me born into tan Italian-American family, in New York City. For the Bronx Italian, romance is mother’s milk. It was in the lovingly prepared food I ate; it was inherent to the music my parents listened to on the radio, and played on our stereo.
But it was nurture, too. As a youngster, I frequently found myself sitting beside mom, watching one of her favorite black and white romantic movies from Hollywood’s Golden Age. In such fables, romantic love always conquered all – if not early in the movie, then certainly before the final fade out.
2. I can be very shy. Although I spent the first decade of my career interviewing the rich and famous, I can still become tongue-tied meeting someone new; most especially if they are someone I’ve long admired and aspired to meet.
3. I’m humbly grateful for each and every reader, and I strive to give readers much more than their money’s worth. I have never, nor will I ever, take someone’s interest in my work, or the money they spend buying one of my books, for granted. Without the blessing of readers, there is no me, professionally speaking. So I treasure each and every one.
4. I once played backgammon underwater, at the bottom of the swimming pool at the Racquet Club in Palm Springs. I’m not a daredevil, nor have I ever been one. But when I was invited to participate in an underwater Backgammon Tournament at the legendary Racquet Club in Palm Springs, it was the proverbial offer I couldn’t refuse. Too much fun to miss, I thought.
If you could go anywhere, all expenses paid, where would you go?
The Great Pyramids of Egypt, simply because I’ve always dreamed of sleeping beside these manmade wonders at night before touring them by day.

List three books you have recently read and would recommend.
Blue Paramour by the outrageously talented Louise Ligon and Hunter Maine
Jane Roberts’ The Nature of Personal Reality.
Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird because I’ve heard and read that her 2015 bestseller is garbage, and so I embraced the tried and true classic.

What do you always order in a favorite restaurant?
Almost always, I scour restaurant menus for the new items; I love trying new dishes. But at Lucy’s El Adobe CafĂ©, one of my favorite Hollywood eateries, I consistently order their Barbecue Taco Dinner. For two good reasons:
1) It’s indescribably delicious, and
2) I’ve never found another restaurant, anywhere that offers a Barbecue Taco Dinner.

What do you hope to accomplish in the next 12 months?
Staying healthy is a major priority, and being a blessing to my family friends, and church, is another high priority. I love caring, and doing, for others. It brings me great satisfaction to be of service to others.
I want to write my next book, or, at least, get a good head start on the writing. And I look forward to visiting out of the area family and friends.

What do you like to read?
My reading taste is eclectic. I love autobiographies and biographies of intriguing people. I devour nonfiction that explores the metaphysical and spiritual. Even so, I’m all in for a good romance; Blue Paramour being my favorite romantic read of 2015.

What do you look when choosing a book to read?

Primarily I’m looking for subjects that compel me and/or authors of whom I’m fond.
I appreciate an author who writes clearly and simply; one who believes “Brevity is the soul of wit.” Every writing teacher with whom I studied offered this as a cardinal rule of good writing: “Say as much as you can, using as few words as possible.”
I’m not into overly long books. If your story can be beautifully told in two hundred pages, then please don’t stretch it out like a bloated TV miniseries during Sweeps Week. Having great respect for the written word, and for those who string words together professionally, I’m a very slow reader, savoring rather than skimming, or speeding through, what I read. So an unnecessarily long tome takes me till the Twelfth of Never to complete.
I love cleverness and humor in the books I read, but not when it’s mean-spirited.
I stay far away from books “written” by political candidates, even the books from politician I support. Most of these works are shallow, and often, the people credited, as author does not write them. In most cases, the candidate book is written by a professional ghost writer who is paid too little to lend his talent to a book that will make big bucks for a politician who can barely write a literate letter to the folks back home, much less a book.

What do you need someone to invent right away?

No biggie: I’d settle for the Fountain of Youth.

What does the word "romantic" mean to you?
For me, romantic reflects an ongoing awareness of how special everything and everyone – most especially that special someone – is. The romantic person never takes anything or anyone for granted. They find great personal fulfillment in doing for others, and in treating them in a special manner; in taking care of them, as well as caring for them.
As for me, I feel that I came out of the womb, a romantic.

Can you share something about your works in progress?
Yes, I can. The lead character in my new book, Going and Coming, Dr. Minnow Saint James, is incredibly rich with possibilities for many adventures.
I’m currently outlining The Coming of Beth: The Minnow Saint James Metaphysical Adventures, Book Two. It will explore entirely new aspects of metaphysics. And monthly, I post a fresh Blog on my website: christopherstonebooks.com. Many of them are autobiographical.
With every book that I write, I strive to do something new. Going and Coming, is a first person narrative. In other words, for the first time, I have written a book in which my leading character speaks for, and about, himself.
Going and Coming details Dr. Minnow Saint James’s transformation from atheist and Metaphysical Skeptic-in-Chief, into true believer and Past Life Regression therapist.
In The Coming of Beth, Minn will be launched into a fresh metaphysical adventure – one that transcends space, time, and dimensions. And romance will reenter his life, after nine years without a main squeeze.

Two things you should know about my series books:

1. To me, it’s important that each book in a series stand-alone. In my series, the reader never has to have read the previous book in the series in order to fully enjoy and understand the one he has purchased.
2. I’ll not add a book to a series unless I have new things to say. I’d rather retire a beloved series than have book lovers feel as if they’re reading reruns.

Thank you, book lovers. I hope you’ll buy Going and Coming, enjoy it, and then leave your comments on my website.

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