Monday, February 15, 2016

Hunter Sacrificed by Nancy Corrigan

Book Name: Hunter Sacrificed

Series: Wild Hunt

Author's Name: Nancy Corrigan

Genre: m/f

Main Characters: Arawn and Minerva

Release Date: November 3, 2015

Book Provided by: Amazon

Reviewed by: LT

My Rating: 4

Blurb: His vow to save mankind turns him into the father of the damned…
Arawn, Lord of the Underworld, is faced with the hardest decision of his long life. Because of his neglect, humans are suffering…but his vow to make things right could cost him everything he holds dear.
Minerva, the Goddess of Love, holds his heart and soul, except the act he must now commit might very well destroy their love.
But his sacrifice doesn’t go far enough to end the humans’ agony. It compounds it—and turns him into a pawn. He cannot renege on his deal with the Triad, but he can avenge those he’s wronged.
To do that, he’ll need every one of his Huntsmen to win the greatest game of all time—the Wild Hunt.

Warning: Goodness and light vs. sacrifice and darkness. Seriously, what could possibly go wrong

Hunter Sacrificed sets the ground work for how all the books started. This is the father's story. In this book you learn why Calan and his siblings had to suffer for the crimes of the evil fairy they want to destroy. Arawn chose love a century ago, and in doing so, the humans suffered at the hands of evil fairies. Now Arawn may lose everything, his mate, his love, and his children. He will now have to father with random human woman to save the world.

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