Monday, February 22, 2016

JAX by Teresa Gabelman

Book Name: Jax

Series: The Protectors Series

Author's Name: Teresa Gabelman

Genre: M/F- Paranormal Romance

Main Characters: Jax and Caroline

Release Date: Jan. 26, 2016

Reviewed by: Shonna

My Rating: 4

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BLURB: Jax Wheeler has been fighting his own demons for as long as he can remember. One of those demons is from his past, a brother who wants nothing more to see Jax suffer. Working closely with the Cincinnati Branch of the VC Warriors Jax never thought he would find someone who could help him ease his pain, but he was wrong.
Having a past of her own, Caroline Fitzpatrick has survived being put into a trance by a madman who wanted to control her sister, a abusive relationship, communicating with the dead, but nothing has prepared her for Jax Wheeler. From the moment she saw him the attraction was immediate, but the attraction was not mutual or was it?
The more Jax tries to stay away from Caroline, the more he finds himself at her door, in her life. All he knows is that every minute he spends with the beautiful school teacher, the more danger he puts her in. His brother’s vengeance of wanting him to suffer has put Caroline in the line of fire and only Jax can protect her.

Review: Jax is the 8th book in THE PROTECTOR Series. That right there tells you a lot. The 8th book! When a series has that many installments, you know that it is a successful series that is worthy of taking notice. I was hooked as soon as I started the first one, Damon, and have grown more in love with these yummy warriors with each book I have read. Jax was a good read. The story was enjoyable with a lot going on in Jax’s head. I wish there had been more action and that Mika had brought forth more into the first half of the story, but it was still a superb story. I also loved the way it ended, leading on toward another extremely anticipated story that I am about to bust to get my hands on.

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