Thursday, February 11, 2016

Shift Work by J.C. McKenzie

Book Name: Shift Work

Series: Carus series #4

Author's Name: J.C. McKenzie

Genre: M/F- UF/Paranormal Romance

Main Characters: Andy & Tristan

Release Date: Feb. 22, 2016

Book Provided by: ARC author

Reviewed by: Wendy

My Rating: 5 stars


Blurb: Badass Shifter Andy McNeilly is running on empty. The death of a prominent supernatural being has her reeling. The advent of a new street drug has the police knocking on her door for assistance. And a friend needs her unique skills to help investigate a messy murder.
In the interest of paying the bills, paying it forward, and keeping the Supernatural Regulatory Division off her back, Andy once again slips through the dark streets of Vancouver’s seedy underworld. In the process, she uncovers secrets that threaten to derail her love life and her investigation.
Can Andy capture a murderer, solve a mystery, and forgive her lover’s past? Or will the grime of the criminal world swallow her whole?

Review: Okay, I have to say this has been my favorite book in this series. I liked the other three but this one definitely made me want to not stop reading to go to sleep. Even though Andy finally picked between Wick and Tristan she is still taking it slow with the mating. I actually like who she picked and love the chemistry and humor between the two of them. I think my favorite part of this series is how her animals talk to her in regards to mating, killing someone, or just beating up another female. The falcon cracks me up wanting to constantly "Peck" people she does not like.  

No longer working with the SRD (Supernatural Regulatory Division), Andy is working with the Human police force using her shifter abilities to help her friend solve a murder.  Murder, mystery, drugs and new truths fill this fantastic story.  

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