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6 Days to Get Lucky virtual tour by LE Franks & Giveaway !!!

6 Days to Get Lucky
LE Franks

Series: A Nick Valentine Story
Book: Two
Series should be read in order for maximum enjoyment
Release Date: March 2, 2016
Pages or Words: 72,000 words
Categories: Contemporary, Gay Fiction, Humor, M/M Romance, Romance
Publisher: Wilde City Press
Cover Artist: Wilde City Press

Reaching across the empty bed next to me, I rode out the last waves of my dream alone. I could still feel his phantom kiss on my lips and the sensation of a hand stroking along my thigh.
The rest of it was just a blur of emotions and sticky residue on my sheets—though I could guess at it without much effort. FatBoy Newman had been a specter haunting me at work so it was no great leap to assume he’d shouldered his way into my dreams as well.
In fact, he was at the root of my problem: I’d been having a hell of a dry spell.
Four weeks of near misses had done nothing but stoke my bad mood and turn my balls a lovely shade of indigo that matched my jeans…
Four weeks of dashed hopes…
Four weeks since the most romantic kiss of my life…
Four weeks of nothing.
Fuck the South and its mythology of the Southern Gentleman—if FatBoy Newman didn’t stop treating me like a delicate flower and throw me up against a wall soon, I was going to explode.
It was six days until St. Patrick’s Day, and FatBoy had until then to make his move, or I was moving on.

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Meet the author:
LE Franks lives in the SF Bay area and writes M/M Romance in a unique mix of humor and drama with enough suspense to produce fast paced stories filled with emotion and passion and featuring characters that are quirky and complicated and sometimes a little bit dark. LE Franks is a best selling author and finalist for 2013 & 2014 Rainbow Awards. Her books are available through her publishers at MLR Press, Dreamspinner Press and Wilde City Press and Pride Publishing and online bookstores. 
1. Let’s start out by getting to know you. Tell us 4 things about yourself that are not in your bio.
1) I’ve never had a nickname even though I’ve always wanted one.
2) I spent my formative years growing up in the Mojave Desert where one of my favorite sports was ‘three blondes in an Alfa’.
3) My favorite flavor of ice cream is coconut.
4) I’ve been a vegetarian since I was 15 and discovered it was the most rebellious act I could inflict on my family that they’d have to support (and did).

2. If you could go anywhere, all expenses paid, where would you go?
You’re paying? Send me to Dubai.

3. List three books you have recently read and would recommend
· LB Gregg’s ‘With This Bling’ – I really love this series and this latest installment is brilliant.
· Les Recidivists by Nicole Castle
· Playing For Keeps by Avery Cockburn

4. What do you always order in a favorite restaurant?
Yellow vegetable curry with extra jalapeno, throw in a gin martini dry, extra olives, and I’m a happy camper.

5. What do you hope to accomplish in the next 12 months?
It’s the mundane… we have so many small home projects 90% complete - I’d like to wrap them all up: I’d love to get my deck re-done, install the last fittings from the bathroom remodel we did three years ago. The things I’ve put to the side while I focus on writing.
I’d also like to get back into painting – which would be easier once I get the deck in order…

6. What do you like to read?
I have very eclectic tastes. I love histories and biographies – when I’m writing I tend to read Harry Potter fan fiction and the opening paragraphs of classic novels from my AP English class selected randomly off my bookshelf.
For pleasure I like fantasy and of course I have my favorite m/m romance authors that I turn to regularly like Mary Calmes, LB Gregg, Josh Lanyon, Rhys Ford. If I’m bored I’ll open my copy of Pride & Prejudice in the middle and read for half an hour, that usually calms my brain enough to get productive.

7. What do you look when choosing a book to read?
Like wine (labels)– I fall for covers. If I’m not familiar with the author, then a striking visual will often hook me. I must say turning from reading to writing has severely cut back on my reading time.

8. What do you need someone to invent right away?
A way to capture dialog as it streams through my brain… wouldn’t that be brilliant?

9. What does the word "romantic" mean to you?
The kiss. It’s all about the kiss.

10. Can you share something about your works in progress?
I’m just beginning a story set in Oregon about two childhood summer friends finding each other again twenty years later. It’s really a love story about a part of the world that meant a great deal to me as a child.
I’m also going to take another look at my free read for the M/M Goodreads Don’t Read in the Closet from two years ago (The Fourth Act) to see if I can spin it into a mystery. I really liked the characters I created for it.

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