Thursday, March 17, 2016


Book Name: The Spencer Cohen Series

Book number: Two

Author's Name: N.R. Walker

Genre: M/M- Contemporary Romance

Main Characters: Spencer and Andrew

Release Date: March 17, 2016

Book Provided by: ARC by author

Reviewed by: Wendy

My Rating: 5 stars


Blurb: Finally going from fake-boyfriends to the real thing, Spencer Cohen and Andrew Landon are trying to take things slow. They know what they have could be something special and despite the flammable sexual tension, they don’t want to crash and burn.
Spencer is learning to open up, sharing the secrets of his past with Andrew. Afraid to put his heart on the line, yet seemingly unable to stop it, Spencer knows he’s falling in love with him. Andrew is petrified of leaping in blindly, yet it seems the slower they go, the faster they fall.
As they navigate their new relationship, Spencer worries Andrew will freak out when he takes on a new client. But it’s not a normal case and Spencer soon realises things are not what they seem. When things take a downward turn and they work together to help the client, Spencer and Andrew need to decide if they’re ready for the next step.

Review: Love, love, love this series. It has everything I love in it. Spencer and Andrew are completely perfect for each other, so opposite but so similar. The emotions just pour off the pages between these two beautiful men. Ms. Walker sure does know how to write sexy men who want nothing more than to be whole and loved for who they are. Spencer and Andrew's struggles are so far apart just as their childhoods were, but how they are drawn together with the need for each other without it being smothering is such a fantastic read. This series is not an intsa-love but something more, it's falling in love without really knowing how to say it without scaring the shit out of the other person. It's wanting so much to tell the other person that you want them, need them, will do anything just to be with them and only them, without it being creepy and stalkerish. Falling in love is easy, being in love and having them love you back the same way is what is hard and honestly this book is just that, true love so well written you can't help but fall in love with both Spencer and Andrew yourself.
If I can say anything about this book, you know, like a warning, it would be DO NOT be in the middle of drinking anything when Spencer meets Andrew's mom for the first time. OMG, the humor is so well written and honest I could just picture this scene in my head while reading it. I made the mistake of being in mid-sip of drinking some hot tea when Spencer does his "stupid brain speak", needless to say I had to clean tea off my kindle screen from laughing out loud and spitting tea across the screen. 

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