Monday, May 16, 2016

BEAST by Kim Faulks

Book Name: Beast

Series: The Submissively Ever after series

Author's Name: Kim Faulks

Genre: M/F

Main Characters: Beast (lord Bete) & Belle (anna)

Release Date: July 2, 2015

Book Provided by: Amazon

Reviewed by: LT

My Rating: 4 stars

Blurb: Beast, A Dark Werewolf Fairytale Romance
Trapped in a nightmare filled with lust and betrayal, there’s a beast and he’s waiting for her.
“Don’t bother. It’s locked. There’s no way out of here. Even if you did get out, we’re surrounded by the forest. Please, don’t run, Belle. Don’t make me set the dogs free.”
The drug on my lips linger, and the memory of my freedom slips further away while he drones. I thought I was free, hitchhiking along the Midnight Mountain Range, running from those I loved, and their betrayal. Now I’m trapped in a nightmare. One filled with betrayal, lust and a beast. That’s his story, about a beast that’s waiting for me. I try not to listen and plan my escape. But the savage howls from somewhere underneath this room makes me whimper in fear. Through the grimy windows, endless pine trees are all I can see.
“He’s going to fall in love with you, I just know he will,” Mark says. The beast below isn’t the only one in this house. I’ve fought to survive before and I’ll fight again. Maybe this time, I’ll win.

Review: When I first saw this book I was worried that it would be to much like the Disney movie,.. oh was I wrong. My only real issue about this book was the couple didn't spend as much time together as I would have liked. But once they were together it was hot and fast. This book had enough of the original story for you to know basics, but juicy bits in the middle are awesome. The Author does introduce new characters that were no where in the original story and that helps with selling a darker version.  Belle being kidnapped but always knowing she was meant to be with the beast but hiding from it with a twist makes for a great read.

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