Monday, May 30, 2016


Book Name: Seductive Sands

Author: Kim Faulks

Series: The Fire and Ice Series Book 2

Release Date: September 13, 2011

Main Character's: Natalie & Alexander, Malik , Makkah

Category: M/F F/F

My Star Rating: 4

Blurb: Have you ever felt that instant connection with someone and you knew you have loved them before? Natalie's Sommers’ has.
Many times.
Over many centuries...
And many lifetimes...
Desperate to find the answers to questions that haunt her, she travels to the shifting sands of the Arabian Desert with her immortal lover.
But the truth that awaits them beside a sparkling desert oasis is both seductive and deadly. Natalie will need to overcome not only a creature older than time itself, but also the reflection of her past fighting to live again, within her...

Review: Natalie is torn between her past loves, her present loves and maybe even future loves. Must be nice to have so many choices. But not for Natalie, her lovers don't just want her. They do all they can to get back to her. Some by invading her mind with memories of how it use to be. Some who love her from a far, and always makes her feel it.
At the same time she is a trained killer, she has been in many tours of war. But the hate war between her two lovers Alexander, and Malik is almost as strong as the love the have for her. Then there is also Makkah, a female that believes she will win her back to her bed before the men do.

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