Thursday, June 2, 2016

ENSLAVED by Kim Faulks

Book Name: Enslaved

Series: The Fire and Ice Series Book 3

Author's Name: Kim Faulks

Genre: M/F

Main Characters:Natalie & Alexander , Malik,

Release Date: March 16, 2012

Book Provided by: Amazon

Reviewed by: LT

My Star Rating: 4

Blurb: After the tug-o-war events between her two immortal lovers Alexander and Malik, Natalie Sommers thought she knew it all. She thought she knew what she wanted. She thought she was safe.
She was wrong.
Hot on the tails of Reclaimed and Seductive Sands, Natalie finds herself the unwilling guest of a vicious and bloodthirsty immortal who will stop at nothing to get what she wants and what she wants will drive Natalie to brink of her sanity and beyond.

Enslaved is the third installment in The Fire and Ice Series and will catapult the reader back into Natalie's search for the truth of her past and the two immortals that are destined to be a part of her future.
And this time, all bets are off!

Review: As I read this series all I can say is the characters are fascinating, and sexy as Hell. Natalie has been beaten, abducted, and enslaved, and no matter what the do to her I'm always surprised when she pulls herself out of it. This is a continued story from previous installments. For all the love she is given from the men and women that desire her, she has faced just as much pain. Good read, but the cliffhanger was worst this time around.

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