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Song of Princes by Janel Rhiannon- Blog Tour & Giveaway

Song of Princes
Janell Rhiannon
Homeric Chronicles, #1

Publication date: June 22nd 2016
Genres: Adult, Fantasy, Historical

Sing Muse. Sing of the shining citadel of Troy rising from the hot sands of Asia. Sing of the Greek palaces ascending from their rocky hilltops. Sing of one woman’s dream heralding the madness of men and the murder of innocents. From bull dancing rings and wild meadows, the Forgotten Prince must choose between love and a golden crown. From seclusion and safety, the Golden Warrior must choose between his honor and his life. From behind the Great Wall, the Golden Prince must choose between his family and his city. And from a rugged realm on the far side of Greece, the Warrior King must choose between his son’s life and certain exile. Here shepherds and princes, warriors and kings, and seers and lovers seek to conquer their passions, outwit destiny or surrender to it.


Where did their legends begin before their lives converged at Troy in one of the most famous battles of all time? The HOMERIC CHRONICLES tells the stories of Paris, Achilles, Hektor, and Odysseus in one chronological tale, beginning before the ILIAD and ending long after the ODYSSEY. Blending both history and myth, the Homeric Chronicles will satisfy your love of Greek mythology, while paying homage to the original storyteller, Homer.

SONGS OF PRINCES begins with the birth of Paris and Achilles, and introduces us to a young Hektor and Odysseus. The journey of the princes begins…

Janell Rhiannon has a Master’s degree in history. It was during her years studying Alexander the Great that she came to love the Greek and Roman myths. She loves warfare and romance. Visit her Amazon Author Page or visit her at

Fall in love with Greek mythology for the first time or all over again.


1261 BCE
From Chapter 27

“Hold the lyre like this, Achilles,” Chiron admonished. “It is to be stroked, not pawed at.”
“I hate music lessons,” Achilles groaned. “Can we not train with sword and shield?”
“You are impossible, imp!”
Achilles bristled. “I am no imp! You horse man!”
Chiron threw his head back with laughter. “Horse man? That is your witty retort? You call me a horse man?” He laughed until he could laugh no more.
Achilles stood fuming with his fists dug into his hips.
“Little Achilles, perhaps we should train. You will drop that sour face will you not?”
Achilles brightened. “I will.”
“Grab your weapons. Meet me at the sand pit.”
The young warrior thrust his arm triumphantly in the air. “I love fighting!”
Chiron twitched his tail and narrowed his eyes as Achilles ran off to gather his weapons. “Exactly what I’m afraid of. Too much fighting, not enough reasoning.”
Late into the afternoon, the centaur clashed wooden sword to wooden sword with his ambitious pupil. “Keep your shield up young master! Up I say!” Chiron landed a heavy blow to Achilles’ shield and the boy stumbled backwards.
“Ha! You will not unbalance me twice!” Achilles charged at Chiron, who rose up on his hind legs avoiding the onslaught. “You cannot do that!”
“I just did.”
“It is not fair,” Achilles said, lowering his sword and shield slightly. Chiron pressed forward and used the tip of his wooden blade to press his ward to the hot sand at the exposed shoulder.
“Nothing is fair in battle, Achilles. Best to remember that.”
Achilles rubbed his shoulder and winced slightly. “Yes, I will remember.” He stood and spun and slammed his sword into Chiron’s hairy shin bone. The centaur reared up in pain. “I will remember to never trust a centaur!” Achilles laughed at landing the trickster blow.
Chiron landed heavily, sending a shower of sand into the air. As Achilles shielded his eyes, the centaur reached for the boy’s shoulders just as he was backing away. “You will pay for that young master.”
“I was hoping so!” Achilles jeered. “Now, fight me again!” Achilles spun from under his teacher’s grasp and quickly took his attack stance.
Chiron’s smile lifted on one side revealing a straight bridge of teeth. “As you wish.”
Wooden blades clashed and splintered in the hot sun. Master and student fought until they were both drenched in sweat. Dried salt tipped the ends of Chiron’s curly tufts below his chest. The centaur thrust his weapon at the young warrior who blocked the practice blade with his shield. When Achilles found himself backed against the sand pit wall, he knew he had to do the unexpected. He dove beneath the centaur’s legs, tucked into a roll and sprung back to fighting form before his master could turn around.
“Clever!” Chiron shouted and lowered guard. “I believe we are finished for this day.”
“You are tired? I have energy yet.”
Chiron snorted. “Go run then. Take the hounds. Run until you have exhausted yourself. If that is even possible. I have matters requiring my attention.”
Achilles threw his practice armor into the sand. “If you say so, Chiron.”
“Stay out of trouble this time. And by the balls of my brother Zeus, stay away from the other centaurs. They would just as soon roast you like a plump lamb and stuff you with dates than endure further harassment at your hands.”
Achilles promised, sort of, “I will try to stay out of their way. But if one should cross my path, especially that Batilamus, I might have to—”
Chiron crossed his arms over his broad chest and cocked his head. “I will roast you myself young master.”
“You take my joy, Chiron.”
“My intent exactly.” His hoof dug into the sand. “Off with you.” He watched the golden warrior scamper off and twitched his tail. “There will be no taming that one.”

Author Bio:
Janell always had her nose in a book, reading by flashlight when it was "lights out" time. Her love of reading turned to a curiosity about writing. She now writes in all the spare moments she can squeeze out of a day. She also writes fiction and fantasy with some romantic spice for good measure. Janell adores Mythology and Fantasy. Anything magical and mystical. And dragons. And gargoyles. Her guiding motto: "I tell stories, not genres."
She currently lives in CA.
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