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If I Were Beautiful by Devon Hartford, Blog Tour & Giveaway !!!!!

If I Were Beautiful
Devon Hartford
If I Were…, #1

Publication date: January 23rd 2017
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance

Is life better when you’re beautiful?

Jane Johnson has tried every beauty tip and trick known to woman, but none of them have ever made men notice her.

Until now.

Finally, something is working. She barely recognizes herself in the mirror. Is it her new haircut? Two years of yoga class? Her new eyebrow tweeze? Or is it all that nasty wheat grass juice her sister insisted she drink finally working some kind of magic? Whatever it is, something is transforming Jane from plain to downright beautiful.

For the first time in her life, men are noticing her.


Jane is getting so much attention from men she doesn’t know what to do with it.

Before her inexplicable transformation, she couldn’t get a date to save her life. Now she has a date every night of the week. Gorgeous eligible men are throwing themselves at her. They’re even fighting over her. Actual fist fights to win her affection.

It all seems too good to be true.

The only question on Jane’s mind is whether or not her newfound beauty is going to last or if it’s some cruel trick of fate that will fade away as quickly as it appeared.

Because everybody knows, when something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

***If I Were Beautiful is a saucy romance with a mystical twist that will leave you breathless to find out what happens next. This is book one of a three book series. Book two will release April 2017, Book three, July 2017 (or sooner).

“Are you stalking me, Sunflower?”
I spun around to face the owner of that familiar and imposing baritone.
Wes leaned casually against a rectangular cement column, watching me.
He stood with his hands in pockets, looking cover model handsome. His fitted linen shirt revealed a body even more delicious than I’d imagined. Broad shoulders, wide hard pecs pulling against the slightly transparent white material. His abs were hidden but his stomach was obviously washboard flat. The rolled-up cuffs revealed smooth tan forearms with a criss-cross of veins playing over chiseled muscles. A chunky gold bracelet hung from one wrist. His tight slacks told me the bracelet wasn’t the only thing about him that hung well. Rippled folds slightly tented a sizable package.
I folded my arms across my chest and shifted my weight to one hip. “Stalking? What makes you think I’m stalking anybody?”
“I heard your flats slapping the sidewalk. Sounded like running to me.”
“Maybe I’m late for an appointment.”
He smirked, “Then why are you still standing here talking to me?”
“Because I’m trying to figure out why you are stalking me.”
“Ha! Following me around one corner is a coincidence. Following me around three is stalking. You’re stalking me, Sunflower.”
“Me?!” I huffed. “You were the one staring at me during the magic show!”
“Oh, that’s right,” he nodded thoughtfully but his voice dripped with sarcasm. “Me and a hundred other people were watching you and a street magician doing a card trick. Very creepy. All those pervs dying to find out what card you picked. Scandalous. We should all be locked up. And I feel terrible for that magician. He probably hates having people stare at him as much as you do.”
“I don’t like having people stare at me,” I grumbled.
“So, what, you followed me so you could give me a beating for looking at you? Teach me a lesson I’ll never forget?” He was smiling now. “You have thin skin, Sunflower.”
“Stop calling me Sunflower,” I giggled. He could call me Sunflower from now until forever.
His eyes flashed and a dimple curled beneath his cheek. “I can call you anything I want, Sunflower. Since I don’t know your name, I’m going to keep calling you Sunflower.”
I smirked, “Okay, Oak Tree. Tell me why you were staring at me?”
He chuckled and muttered, “Oak Tree.”
“You weren’t watching the magic show. You were watching me, Mr. Oak Tree. I’m not blind.”
“What can I say? You’re more interesting than the magician.” He said it so casually it could almost be interpreted as an insult.
“Gee, thanks.”
He snickered.
“Are you enjoying this?” I challenged.
“What’s not to enjoy?”
“You’re insufferable, you know that?”
His smiled widened. Damn it, he was gorgeous. “So I’ve been told. Can I ask you something, Sunflower?”
Anything. I rolled my eyes, “What?”
“Aren’t you late for your appointment?” He stifled a laugh.
“Shut up, Oak Tree!”
I reached into my purse and grabbed the first thing I found and threw it at Wes. “Ass.” A crumpled up piece of paper bounced off his chest.
“And a litterer too. Tsk, tsk, Sunflower. I should place you under citizen’s arrest and haul you off to jail.”
I held up my wrists like I was ready to be handcuffed. “Oh, please. Would you? Before I commit some heinous crime against humanity?”
“I’ll let you off easy. If you pick up your trash.” He toed the crumpled paper with his dress shoe.
“You pick it up.”
“One. Two. Three…”
“Are you counting, Dad?”
“I’m not your dad.” There was a sinful flash in his eyes. “Four. Five…”
“It usually stops at three. A count of three.”
“Six. Seven…”
“Do I have until ten?”
“Eight. Nine…”
“What happens if you hit ten?”
“Do you really want to find out the hard way, Sunflower?”
“Maybe I do, Oak Tree.”
“You know what I love about oak trees?”
“What’s that?” I sneered.
“They’re so damn thick, from tip to root…”
I laughed. He’d said it so sexually I couldn’t help myself. “I knew you were a perv! And a stalker!”

Author Bio:
Devon Hartford is a dude who writes romantic comedies because he likes to laugh as much as he likes to love.
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