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A Shot in the Dark by J. G. Sumner, Book Tour & Giveaway !!!!

Genre: Romantic suspense
Date Published: February 1, 2017
Publisher: Limitless Publishing

A motorcycle crash forces Skyler Smith into Laney Pearson’s hospital, barely clinging to life…
As a trauma nurse, Laney works with surgeon Josh Stone to bring Skyler back from the brink of death and toward recovery. But what initially looks like nothing more than a freak accident may turn out to be much more dangerous—and maybe even deadly.
In the years they’ve worked together, Laney has never given Josh the time of day…
She thinks he’s nothing more than a pompous doctor looking for another notch to add to his belt. But caring for Skyler brings the pair closer, and Laney lets down her guard, allowing them the chance to find happiness together in the midst of so much destruction. But someone doesn’t want them to be happy. Someone wants Laney gone.
Threats might derail their love before it really starts…
As the couple tries to build their budding relationship, Laney begins to receive menacing messages. And when she and Josh learn that Skyler’s accident is anything but unintentional, they fight to balance finding the would-be killer with keeping keep Laney safe from her stalker. But each wild turn takes them further away from the truth…and each other.
Can Laney and Josh discover who is behind the violent acts, or is each guess they make nothing more than a shot in the dark?

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This was it. This event could change his life forever. This was the first day of the rest of his life. Skyler Smith had the helmet strapped on and his bike ready to go. He approached the starting line, knowing he had to land each jump perfectly and ride as he had never ridden before in order to get the sponsorship that would finally turn him into a professional motocrosser. Despite his nerves, he was calm and confident he would do well.
Skyler took in the terrain, the desert landscape that surrounded the track and the brown rocky hills in the background. It was a scorching day, about ninety-eight degrees, but it felt relatively mild, considering it was the middle of summer. He had certainly ridden in much worse conditions. There were other bikers who looked amped up. Many were doing last-minute checks on their bikes and revving the engines. Some were high-fiving people from their team as well as other riders they had developed friendships with. It always amazed him how differently people responded to the stress. Some were happy and carefree while others were nervous and puking on the sidelines. Skyler was always focused and rarely interacted with others as he was getting ready.
He competed in several events throughout the state and was set to race in the upcoming state championships with other professional riders. This day was different. Skyler had a sponsor who was ready to sign him if he had a perfect run on this course. He would finally be able to start bringing in money, so his mom didn’t have to work so hard. She had struggled for too many years to make ends meet. He wanted to take care of her for a change. And really, what seventeen-year-old kid wouldn’t want to be a professional freestyle motocrosser?
It was his turn to go. Skyler got the green light and he took off, ready to show the world he was the best and deserved this sponsorship. The vibration from the engine reverberated through the handlebars. The heat emanating from the bike warmed his entire body, releasing his endorphins.
The roar of the crowd and the intensity in the air only amped him up more. Remaining focused, he raced down the track with sheer determination and adrenaline pumping. He had the course memorized since he had ridden it many times and knew how to take each turn and when to take off on the jumps. There was no chance for failure.
Halfway around the course, and he had landed everything perfectly. The crowd was cheering. He caught a glimpse of the joy radiating from his mother’s face as he rounded the last turn. The big jump was coming up. He had a new trick he was going to perform that would wow the crowd and make his mom proud.
He’d been working on a hands-free back flip. He had never tried it in a competition but had been working diligently at perfecting it, and he had been successful his last five attempts. By landing this trick, he would secure the sponsorship. The jump was approaching quickly and he revved up the motor to get up to the necessary speed to perform the trick.
As he got to the base of the jump, Skyler noticed the front wheel was wobbling. His first instinct was to panic, but instead he took a deep breath and counted to five to calm himself. All he had to do was make this jump. He could do it. There wasn’t a chance he was going to miss it.
But doubt filled his mind as the wheel became persistently looser. This is bad. Maybe I shouldn’t do this jump. This could end bad. Man, you have to do this jump. This is what you’ve been preparing for.
As he went up the jump and started the flip, the front tire fell off midair. A moment of panic surged through him and he continued on, not knowing what else to do as he tried to turn his bike around and land on the back tire.
The surprise of the tire falling off destroyed his timing. Instead, he hit the ground with the bike falling on top of him, and that was all he knew.

JG Sumner is a Registered Nurse who went rogue. As good as she was at starting IV's, she enjoys writing the down the stories in her head even more. Most of the time the characters won't stop pestering her until she has them down on paper.
JG can often be found with a glass of red wine or prosecco in front of her computer. When she's not creating, she enjoys the outdoors hiking, bike riding, snowboarding, and camping.
JG has a very dry sense of humor, and should never be taken too seriously. She loves to hear from her fans, and even those who aren't and would love to hear your opinion on her books.
JG writes romantic suspense/thrillers including: A Shot in the Dark, Into the Light, The Surrender Trilogy including Surrender, Shattered, and Saved which will be available through Limitless Publishing soon.

Contact Information: Website: Website domain in process / FB / Twitter

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