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Moore Romance Series by Alex Miska- Tour and Giveaway!!

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A Chance for Moore (Book #1) Amazon US | Amazon UK
Love You Moore (Book #2) Amazon US | Amazon UK
The Moore The Merrier (Book #2.5) Amazon US | Amazon UK

A Chance For Moore
"I need you to teach me how to be gay."
Logan Moore is finally ready to come out of the closet. His days of playing football are far behind him, he has graduated from the Culinary Institute of America (CIA), and his bakery Moore Delicious is finally in the black. Although he spends more time talking to his cats than he does people, he technically has time for a social life now that he has hired two new employees. In short, Logan is completely out of excuses to stay in the closet, where it is warm and cozy and he never has to worry about how to dress, what to say, or who is watching. So he turns to his older brother’s friend for guidance. And if that friend just happens to be his long-time crush and if one thing might lead to another… well, that would just be icing on the cake.
Chance Blevins is a math geek through-and-through, who is more than happy to spend his nights curled up with his dog Luna. With a few toxic relationships in his past, Chance contents himself with friends-with-benefits and fantasies involving his best friend’s very straight soon-to-be brother-in-law, Logan. Because of a verbal slip the day they met and a teasingly-demanded vow of secrecy, he believes that Logan actually works for the C.I.A., making him even farther out of his league. When Logan comes to him for help with what he can only assume is a cover identity, he is more than happy to oblige.
The spy-confusion is soon cleared up (with much embarrassment by all involved) and the two men are ecstatic to discover their feelings are mutual, but several hurdles stand between them and Happily-Ever-After. Logan is still terrified of being out, Chance is convinced that theirs could only ever be a “starter relationship” for Logan, and a stalker is lashing out at Chance.

Love You Moore
Xander Griffith was mesmerized by Julian the moment he laid eyes on him in a club; he's gorgeous, brilliant, and unabashedly himself. But when he discovers Julian is his good friend's, off-limits, baby brother, he promptly drops Julian off at his parents' house with a promise to call. Unfortunately, his life took a left-hand turn that night, and Xander was unable to keep that promise. When they meet again months later, they can't be in the same room without bickering like small children, and both men wonder whether the person they'd fallen for that night was an illusion.
Julian Moore is at loose ends after getting his Master's: he can't start his government cybersecurity job until he gets high-level clearance, his boyfriend and best friend are far away, and even his dojo closed down. All the sparkly, snarky white-hat hacker does these days is read M/M romance novels and hang out with his brothers' friends. Of course, that means bumping into that over-privileged, condescending jerk, Xander, at every freaking turn; the man would be completely insufferable if it wasn't for his sweet, hat-loving dog, Cassius.
When Xander discovers Julian is deeply depressed, his protective instincts kick in and he puts together a plan to help his friend's brother fight his way through the murky gloom. The first step? Move the brat into his condo! It seems like the perfect solution: he certainly has plenty of room, it gets Julian out of his parents' house, his boxer is head-over-paws in love with Julian, and someone has to keep their friend's pug from destroying all of Xander's left shoes.
From the day Julian moves in, his and Xander's lives fit seamlessly together and both men soon realize their initial attraction may have been stronger, and deeper, than they thought.

The Moore The Merrier
“Our family will always have room for a few more Moores.”
The Moore family is growing exponentially this year! All three brothers are enjoying their Happily-Ever-Afters. Julian and Xander only have four weeks to plan their dream wedding and are waiting impatiently to welcome two homeless teens into their family. Amidst all the merriment, Chance discovers that he has siblings, and they need his help. He’s forced to confront his past, but he won’t have to face it alone.

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Review for all three books: Cute, snarky stories with lots of love and some laugh out loud moments. I wanted to really like them but I didn't, I think they read too New Adult for me because the characters, even though a few are in their 30's, didn't read as adults. I did like the addition of the pets in all three books, the pug that just sits and stares at people was pretty funny. Plus he had a dog/baby harness carrier that he likes to be carried in..that's funny!

I normally do not review on problems with editing but with these three books I did lower my rating, there were words missing from sentences, the continuity throughout the books had me re-reading several pages a few times because I could not tell who was speaking, it was very confusing.  A few things in each book were seriously hard to believe, a five year joke and the stalker that no one could figure out who the person was, those are just two that really bugged me but if you can get past those they are sweet books about guys who are all trying really hard to find love and stay in love. 

Author Bio
Alex Miska is a certifiable math geek who spends her days (and nights) dreaming of quirky, sexily-intelligent men falling in love. She is a former math teacher to students with learning disabilities and disability advocate. Nestled in a small house in the woods, Alex is the doting parent of a preternaturally-happy, fluffy, white dog and his somewhat gloomy older brother, as well as the solicitous servant of two highly-opinionated Siamese cats.

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