Thursday, June 29, 2017

Luca by Sarah Castille Book BLitz & Giveaway !!!

Sarah Castille
(Ruin & Revenge #2)

Published by: St. Martin’s Paperbacks
Publication date: June 27th 2017
Genres: Adult, Romance, Suspense

Luca is the second book in a full-length, standalone series by New York Times bestselling author, Sarah Castille, set in Las Vegas and featuring deliciously sexy mafia bosses and the women who can’t help but love them.

Luca Rizzoli was nearly destroyed by a brutal betrayal that cost him his family. Now a ruthless crime boss in Las Vegas, he lets nothing touch his frozen heart…until a smoldering encounter with a beautiful stranger ignites his passion. One night isn’t enough for a man who takes what he wants—and Luca will do whatever he can to possess his mysterious temptress…

Police detective Gabrielle Fawkes lives for revenge. She lost everything at the hands of an unforgiving ruler of the Vegas underworld. Now she wants to see him six feet under. But when a near-fatal attack leads her into Luca’s arms, what was meant to be one night of unbridled passion becomes something forbiddingly more. Luca has his own agenda, but when strong, determined, kick-ass detective Gaby sets her sights on her target, Luca feels compelled to stand by her side and protect her at all costs. However, pursuing danger comes at a high price—and both Gaby and Luca must work together in order to eliminate the dark enterprise that threatens them.

“Lift your dress.”
Her entire body jolted to attention. No one had ever spoken to her in that tone before, but she wanted more.
With her gaze locked on his, she slowly eased her dress over her hips as he closed the distance between them.
With his gaze locked on hers, he tore away her panties.
She gasped at the rush of cool air, but it only fanned the flames of her desire. Fear and excitement sent a chemical surge through her brain. There was no going back now, and her mouth watered in anticipation. She couldn’t remember the last time she’d been with a man. Her few attempts at sex after David’s death had been an unmitigated disaster—from the off-putting pictures of David around the house, to her feelings of guilt at betraying him, and her lack of attraction for the men she brought home.
But she felt none of those things now. David wasn’t here. She’d given herself permission to enjoy a night out. And she’d never been as fiercely aroused as she was now, her body burning with a heat that had nothing to do with the light overhead.
Luca shrugged off his jacket, letting it drop to the floor. One hand snaked around her hip to cup her ass, while the other fisted her hair, twisting it tight. He yanked her against him and tugged her head to the side, positioning her for the descent of his lips.
She wanted this, wanted him. Gabrielle curled her hands around his neck pressing herself against his hot, muscular body.
He kissed her hard, stealing her breath away, his tongue sweeping through her mouth like he wanted to claim her. There was no softness in his kiss, no touching of lips or whispers against her skin. His kiss was raw and wild with a hunger that matched her own.
Gabrielle had learned early how to be tough and self-reliant, the only benefit of having to look after herself when her brother’s addiction consumed every moment of her dad’s and stepmother’s time. But sometimes she just wanted to let go, to let someone else take control.
Body humming with anticipation, she reached for his belt. His hand covered hers, holding her fast. “You sure this is what you want, mio angelo? I like it dirty. So dirty you’ll never get back to heaven.”
She liked it when he called her angel. It was like he saw through her shields to the girl she had been before her mother died.
“I’ve never been to heaven.” She eased the belt free, rubbing the backs of her fingers over his erection, hard beneath the fine wool fabric. “Maybe you can take me there.”
“Temptress.” His lips curved in a smile. “I am more than up for the challenge.”


“An engrossing erotic crime drama that will leave readers wanting more.”Library Journal

“With sizzling love scenes, taut plotting, and a hair-raising finish, Castille’s romantic thriller will appeal to her existing fans and win her new ones.”Publishers Weekly Starred Review

“Luca is a fast-paced, action-packed tale balanced by humor, heart and family.” RT Book Reviews 4.5 stars, Top Pick

Author Bio:
Sarah Castille is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the Redemption Series, Ruin & Revenge Series, Sinner’s Tribe Motorcycle Club series, Legal Heat series and the Club Excelsior series. A recovering lawyer with a fondness for dirty-talking alpha males, she now is a full-time writer, who lives on Vancouver Island. Sarah’s books have been listed as Publisher’s Weekly’s Top Ten Picks and Best Summer Reads, and Amazon’s Best Romance Books of the Year, and have won numerous reader’s choice awards including the Holt Medallion.
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  1. I came upon this page by accident, and I am happy I did, I cannot wait to read Luca. He can break me and put me back together again:P Thanks so much!!