Wednesday, June 21, 2017

The Seeds of Eden by A.P. Watson, Blog Tour & Giveaway !!!!!

Seeds of Eden
A.P. Watson
(The Concilium, #1)

Publication date: January 25th 2017
Genres: New Adult, Paranormal, Romance
Haunted by visions of the execution of an innocent man, Evey discovers that the secrets of her past and a mysterious stranger are irrevocably intertwined.

Visions of decapitated corpses, pools of blood, and a masked executioner have haunted Evey for as long as she can remember. Torn between a life in the waking world and dreams of the dead, she realizes her normal existence is nothing more than an illusion. As the veil between reality and her subconscious dissipates, she begins to question her own sanity. Each night as she closes her eyes, she wonders what wrongs she committed to warrant such a curse.

When a handsome stranger suddenly appears in Evey’s life, he is able to provide her with the answers she seeks. However, the only thing more mystifying than Conrad’s appearance in one of her nightmares is the undeniable attraction she feels for him. It is only when he confesses their fates and souls have been intertwined for centuries that an ancient secret is revealed. Now, the two of them must outrun a great darkness or it will claim their lives again.

“Have we met before?” The words rolled out of my mouth before I could stop them.
“Why would you ask me that?”
Before I could say anything, I heard the ding of the order bell. Conrad’s food was ready.
“Excuse me, I’ll be right back.” As I picked up the plate, Mickey winked at me. What in the world was going on? It seemed like everyone wanted me to get to know this boy better. I set the food in front of Conrad and resumed my seat.
“Do I look familiar to you?” he asked.
“Why would you ask me that?” I repeated his question from earlier. We stared at one another, locked in a theoretical stalemate. Conrad and I had both asked questions the other evaded answering. “So how come you don’t take notes in class or anything?”
“That really bothers you, doesn’t it?” he asked with a surprised look on his face.
“I just don’t see how you can act like school isn’t a big deal. I don’t know. I guess I just take my studies seriously and want to do well.”
“When I lived in Los Angeles I was homeschooled. I had a private tutor, and I’ve already studied pretty much everything the teachers were going over in class today. Believe me when I say my education was a top priority before I moved here.”
“Oh, okay.” It was official; I was a jerk. I’d made an assumption about him and it turned out to be completely wrong. Luckily, Conrad didn’t seem to mind. We sat in silence for a few minutes while he ate his food. I knew I should’ve returned to work, but some inexplicable force almost seemed to be pulling the two of us together all day. What was the point in trying to fight it now?
“If you’re worried about what you said to me at school, don’t be. You didn’t insult me,” he replied, smiling. “I’ve always admired women who weren’t afraid to speak their minds.”
“Are you saying you admire me?”
“Maybe,” he answered. “I like your hair like this.” He reached forward, touching my braid.
“Thanks. I wear it this way for work.” I fidgeted underneath his scrutiny. A flush of heat warmed my face and neck.
“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable.”
“You didn’t.” He briefly rubbed the end of my braid before letting it fall back to my chest.
“Why did you grab me in class today?”
Once again, a familiar heat warmed my cheeks. I’d held onto his arm while caressing his face intimately. “I didn’t feel like myself.” In that moment, my need to learn whether or not
Conrad was real superseded everything else. How could I care about manners or embarrassing myself when proof that I may not be as crazy as I thought sat mere inches from me?
“Is that so?”
“Of course,” I replied with a smile. “What would make you think otherwise?”
“I just thought it was strange you held on to me like you were afraid I’d disappear before your very eyes.”
“Maybe I was,” I whispered.
A new intensity crossed his face and he took my hand, holding my gaze with his bottomless blue eyes. “Do you know who I am?” He pressed my hand to his chest. “Do you know me?” Surprised by his reaction I froze, searching for some memory of him. Was I cursed with amnesia? Had I met Conrad before only to have the memory erased from my mind as soon as it was made? The tone of his voice broke my heart. All I could respond with was a weak, “Should I?” I wanted to; it almost sounded like he was begging me to remember. I wanted to know why I dreamed of his face for months before ever laying eyes on him.

Author Bio:
town of Estill Springs, Tennessee. Growing up in a rural town allowed her imagination to run wild, and Paige began making up stories in her head at a young age. This storytelling eventually transformed into a love of writing. She is currently penning her first trilogy, The Concilium Series, and is also planning to write four companion novellas to accompany it. She is an avid reader, enjoying a variety of genres and authors from Jane Austen to Charlaine Harris.
When she isn’t reading or writing, Paige spends the majority of her time dancing. She has been taking pole dancing lessons for the past three years and couldn’t be more in love with the sport. The blend of athleticism, grace, and flexibility required to dance continually challenges her and she strives to not only build strength but defy gravity, as well. Paige has a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Nursing from East Tennessee State University. She has been a critical care nurse at Bristol Regional Medical Center for the last five years. She currently resides in Johnson City, Tennessee with her adorable dog, Elle.
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