Monday, July 31, 2017

Jane/John Doe by Blake Everstone, Release Blitz !

Title: Jane/John Doe
Author: Blake Everstone
Genre: Adult, LGBT Mystery Thriller
Published: July 17, 2017
A dead body and a lifetime of hiding in the shadows.

Scott has a secret, one he is desperate to keep. Coming from an abusive childhood, Scott worked to make a new life and start again, but a late-night call threatens to destroy it all. The body of a transwoman is discovered, but was it suicide or murder? Join Scott as he tries to put the pieces of the puzzle together and solve the mystery. Scott is forced to face his own demons and learn to trust those closest to him.
“I read this book and was blown away...I loved it!!❤ I had to tell my friends and they bought it as well...awesome Blake Everstone!” ~ Amazon Customer

“Jane/John Doe is a must read. This book will keep you on the edge wanting to cry, catching your breath but, wanting more. Blake Everstone has blown me away with the first book in this series.” ~ Amazon Customer

“Wow! I couldn't help but read the entire book in one sitting. Each chapter had me having to turn the page. I can't wait for the next book in this series!” ~ Amazon Customer

Jane/John Doe Excerpt © Blake Everstone 2017
“Lies all lies,” she screamed shaking her head violently. “Just like he said he would help with my modeling career, LIES!”
Trying not to burst into tears, she devoured the last of her drink and strolled into the kitchen for another. Catching a glimpse of the back door her thoughts wandered to the one place she could go outside the house; the back porch. Relishing the time, she spent on the porch, wishing the heat would subside so she could once again escape into her fantasy. Her mind ventured to her make-believe paradise in the morning or late in the evening during the hot summer days. It was a secluded yard, backed up to a wooded area that was filled with the sweet sounds of songbirds. When she was there she imagined, there was a radiant rose garden in full bloom surrounding the courtyard, with a white gazebo lit with twinkling lights and vines intertwining their way through the side rails and up the poles; covering every nook and cranny. Vibrant hummingbirds buzzing their majestic beauty, dancing in the glow of the sun. Visualizing herself serving ice cold tea and entertaining friends who had stopped by, awaiting her presence in the shade of the pavilion, as the wind chimes jingled a soft melody from the slight breeze rolling through the yard, wafting across their skin, keeping them cool.
Shaking her head slightly, she returned to her misery, realizing that there were no friends awaiting her. There were no cheerful chatters, just a blissful dream leaving her just as quickly as it came. She filled her glass, swallowing half of it in one quick gulp, topping it off again while shaking her head and cringing as the alcohol engulfed her. Gliding from the kitchen, she entered the living room; her long red satin robe flowing behind her. She loved to wear it because it made her feel like an elegant movie star from the 1950’s, with her soft wavy brown hair ascending down her back. Glancing down to her hand she admired the emerald green ring he gave her, saying it reminded him of her eyes. Realizing for the first time that she never dressed, but instead stayed naked under her red robe. What was the point of getting dressed when she was used as a sex toy and when he did buy her things it was usually negligees. The few clothes he did buy her were meant for her to wear when he wasn’t around and during those times her confidence was so low what was the point anymore of getting dressed other than to please him in some way. The only thing she did do was keep her hair and makeup done, but that was because he had instructed her that she needed to keep those things done always. Sitting on her couch looking around at the elegant and beautiful things around her she sighed again. They taunted her, reminding her that she was as much of an ornament as her things were. What once allured her like a bewitching spell now took her captive and held onto her with desperation, as if she too would one day fade into the back ground and become just that; an ornament to be forgotten.
Standing up abruptly she shouted, “I can’t take this anymore!”
Blake Everstone is a proud member and author for the LGBT Community. She lives in Texas with her partner and four children. Blake enjoys volunteering and advocating for those in need. In her books you will find suspense, horror, paranormal, LGBT characters and issues. Please look for her on Facebook and twitter and stay up to date with her upcoming releases.
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