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THE SOULWEAVER by Heidi Catherine: Blog Tour & Giveaway !!!

The Soulweaver
Heidi Catherine

Publication date: January 19th 2018
Genres: Adult, Fantasy, Romance

She’s loved and lost him a hundred times across a thousand years. She can’t bear to lose him again.
Lin’s dreams are haunted by faces of people she’s never met. Unable to shake the feeling she’s lived before, she’s drawn to Reinier—a stranger whose soul is heartbreakingly familiar from a time gone by.
Reinier helps Lin unravel the mystery of her past life as Hannah, a girl who sacrificed herself for her true love, Matthew. As Lin falls hopelessly in love with Reinier, her memories of her life as Hannah sharpen and she finds herself unable to let go of Matthew.
With her heart torn in two, Lin must decide whether she should stand by Reinier’s side or track down Matthew and fight for his love. What she doesn’t know is that her decision will ripple across our troubled planet, affecting far more lives than just her own.

Winner of Romance Writers of Australia’s Emerald Pro award, The Soulweaver is a story that will change the way you see the world.

The Soulweaver by Heidi Catherine
A stranger leapt into the clearing. Relief and fear flooded Hannah’s body. She gasped for breath as she struggled to figure out which emotion to grab hold of. The stranger was only perhaps fourteen years of age, yet he wore the expression of a much older man. She wondered if he was lost.
His fair hair was wild and his clothes torn. Despite his disheveled appearance, he was extremely handsome, his perfect features unmarked by neglect. But it wasn’t his appearance that startled Hannah. It was his aura. A warm energy pulsed from him and with each step he took, she felt it deeper in her heart.
As he approached, she saw he clutched a silver dagger by his side. Fear won the war and she felt her stomach drop.
‘What do you want?’ Matthew growled, his eyes darting around to see if this boy was alone.
He didn’t reply, continuing to walk closer. There was something in the way he walked that told Hannah he was there for a purpose. The hand that held the dagger was trembling, yet his eyes were filled with determination. He meant to use the dagger. Still, her mind grappled with the idea that he was a threat. She noted the fairness of his skin and hair, the blue of his eyes and for an instant wondered if perhaps they were related. They certainly looked alike.
His gaze was fixed on Matthew, who stood as rooted to the ground as the trees that surrounded them. Shock and confusion had etched their way across his face. It was clear this boy was a stranger to him.
He raised the dagger above his head.
‘No!’ Hannah screamed.
At the sound of her voice, the boy shifted his eyes to her. The pale blue of his irises flickered with warmth as he searched her face. She realised it was his eyes that made him seem older than his years. They shone with wisdom and she saw joy and sadness mingling with fear and courage. Something within her unravelled.
She knew this stranger. She felt both that she’d seen him a million times, yet she’d seen him never. He was what she’d forgotten. He was the thought that had nagged her since her earliest days. And he knew her, too. She could see it in his face as he dragged his eyes from her and fixed them once more on Matthew.
‘Run!’ Matthew yelled, thrusting her behind him and raising his fists.
She stumbled, finding herself unable to break the boy’s gaze. Memories swirled in her mind as she struggled to pull the right one to the surface. They were too foggy. She couldn’t get hold of the memory that would tell her who this stranger was.

Author Bio:
Heidi’s debut novel, The Soulweaver, won Romance Writers of Australia’s Emerald Pro award and will be released by Crooked Cat Books on 19 Jan 2018.
Not being able to decide if she prefers living in Melbourne or the Mornington Peninsula, Heidi shares her time between both places. She is similarly pulled in opposing directions by her two sons and two dogs, remaining thankful she only has one husband.
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