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Saved By Time (The Thistle Hive Series, Bk #9) by Jennae Vale, Release Day Blitz

The ninth book in the Thistle & Hive Series is finally available!! 

Saved By Time
The Thistle Hive Series, Bk #9
by Jennae Vale

Tina Carrera is looking for the love of her life and so she does what anyone else in her position would do. She calls on Edna Campbell of The Thistle & Hive Inn. Edna is more than happy to help her by sending her back in time to Breaghacraig where she promises Tina will find her man.
Donal McCabe isn’t interested in settling down. He likes his life exactly as it is. Unfortunately for him, fate has intervened and sent him a wee daughter he was unaware of. Responsibility isn’t something Donal is known for and he has no experience with being a father. He sees his carefree life crumbling before his eyes, but If he can find a willing woman to be his wife in name only, he just might be able to continue his womanizing ways.
As luck would have it, a lass from the future arrives just in time to save him. The only problem is that he’s lied to her from the start and when she finds out the truth she wants nothing to do with him. Donal finds himself falling for her, but is it too late to keep her from returning to her own time.

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Donal wasn’t surprised at the light tap on his door. Although he’d tried his best to quiet her, Elena’s continued crying was sure to wake Tina. He should feel bad about that but he had to admit he was glad to see her.
“Come in,” he said.
“Is she alright?” Tina asked, going immediately to the cradle.
“I’ve been rocking her, but she still cries.” How was a person to know what babies wanted when they just cry and cry? Every time she stirred he’d sat up and gently rocked the cradle. That had worked through most of the night, but now she was just crying for no reason and the rocking wasn’t working.
“Oh, you poor baby.” She reached into the cradle and rubbed Elena’s belly before lifting her into her arms. “Do you mind if I sit?” Tina asked.
He patted the edge of the bed to let her know he didn’t mind. He’d propped himself on one elbow and made sure he was covered from the waist down. Tina rubbed Elena’s back and gently rocked back and forth. In no time, Elena was snuggled into her neck and yawning, she was still fussing but the crying had stopped. So rocking did work, he was the one doing it wrong. Although truth be told, he was quite sure that if he was allowed to snuggle into Tina’s neck, he would find peace there, too.
“You must be tired,” Tina said.
Donal stifled a yawn. “Nae. I be fine.”
She shook her head at him and rolled her eyes. “You don’t have to be the big, strong man around me, you know.”
She thought him big and strong, which pleased him. Tina placed Elena on the bed and continued to rub her belly. “I think she’s got a tummy ache.”
That made him sit up completely alert. “What can be done?” He hadn’t even considered that the bairn could be in pain.
“I don’t know, but this seems to be helping.”
There was magic in those hands, he thought. Elena’s fussing, turned to whimpers and then disappeared altogether as she closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep. Tina continued gently rubbing and Donal lay back in the bed feeling the weight of the world had been lifted from his shoulders by a wee lass from the future. He closed his eyes and felt the bed shift as Tina lay across the foot of the bed. His lips curved upward. Some how she had taken all his worries from him, leaving him in a more peaceful place. What would he do when she left him… left them? It was something he didn’t wish to think about, so instead he pretended she was staying and saw himself in a small cottage with her at his side and his wee daughter playing at their feet. It was a pleasant thought and one he was determined to make come true.

Thistle & Hive Series

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Now Available in Audio "A Turn In Time (book 5)"

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About The Author
Jennae Vale is an author of romance with a touch of magic. Her Scottish Medieval time travel series The Thistle & Hive, Books One through Four, is available in print and ebook versions from Amazon. The first book in her new series, The Mackalls of Dunnet Head has been released, with more to come throughout 2016.
Jennae started life in Massachusetts as part of a large extended Irish and Italian family of imaginative story tellers, but now lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband, her dog, two cats and four chickens. Storytelling is her passion, but Jennae also loves to quilt, cook, read and indulge in her crafting obsession when she’s not writing.
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