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Wendy's Favorite reads from 2018- @JessieGBooks @RindaElliott @JocelynDex @JoshLanyon @LaylaReyne @CharlieCochet @c_kingsbridge @amymaclane @AM_Arthur

My top picks for 2018- (5) Audiobooks and (5) ebooks. 
In no particular order & I'm using ebook covers for everything


Author: Layla Reyne
Narrator: Tristan James

Book 2- Trouble Brewing series

Release date: 10/08/18

Goodreads / Amazon/Audible

This was a new-to-me author that was recommended from a Facebook Group. I devoured the other series (Agents Irish and Whiskey) this one is a spin-off from but this book was my favorite out of all of them. 

I love Nic and Cameron together, they just work so well as a couple while fighting their feelings for each other. 
I am very picky about my narrators but Tristan James is so good and is perfect for this series.

Author: Amy Lane
Narrator: Greg Tremblay

Book 1- Fish Out of Water

Release Date: 07/29/16 (ebook) 10/10/16 (audio)

Goodreads / Amazon/Audible

Another recommendation from Facebook. I picked book one but I have to say this entire series is SO good, I am patiently waiting for Book 3 to come out on audible. I need it, now! Talk about opposites attract- these two guys hit that nail on the head.  The mystery, the sparks between Jackson and Ellery and the fantastic writing make this book a top favorite. Also, the narrator is one I search for books that he is reading, he has an awesome voice.

Author: A.M. Authr
Narrator: Guy Locke

Book 1: Perspectives

Release Date: 2nd edition 03/13/17 (ebook) 02/09/16 (audio)

Goodreads / Amazon/Audible

Whew, I think this was the most emotional book all year, that last chapter just gutted me. The secrets and half-truths worried me at the beginning but once Noel and Shane got on the same page their story took off. Each needing exactly what the other had to offer. Narrator, Guy Locke did a great job with all the emotions throughout this book.

Author: Josh Lanyon
Narrator: Kale Williams

Book 1: The Art of Murder

Release Date: 02/29/16 (ebook) 10/07/16 (audio)

Goodreads / Amazon/Audible

Lol, again another book I was told about on Facebook. I think Sam Kennedy was one of my favorite book characters for the whole year, he was just so grumpy I couldn't help but love him. He was a character I was yelling at in my head to "just open your heart already", he needs Jason as much as he needs oxygen. I loved the mystery aspect of this series. I've been binging on everything Josh Lanyon lately. This was my first book by narrator Kale Williams and I liked his voice.

Author: Amy Lane
Narrator: Nick J. Russo

Book 1: Bonfires

Release Date: 03/24/17 (ebook) 06/09/17 (audio)

Goodreads / Amazon/Audible

I will admit I went into this book without reading the blurb (Duh, it's an Amy Lane book) so I was a little nervous by going with the cover. I thought it was a YA book but Nope, boy oh boy it's not. Two grown men all the way! This was a favorite book for me because of the family aspect, to Lark it does not matter if you are bold related or not, if you need a family then his door is open. From the first chapter on I was rooting for these two to make it an everlasting love. If two men ever needed each other it was these two. Loved every bit of this book.  Narrator, Nick J. Russo made this book come alive, love it. 


Author(s): Jocelynn Drake and Rinda Elliot

Book 1: Shiver

Release Date: 10/27/15 (ebook) 

Goodreads / Amazon 

I loved each and every character in this series. I put book one on this list but the entire series is fantastic.
I couldn't get enough of these books and rushed to read the spin-off series also.
Lucas and Andrei worked so well together.
Author: Cordelia Kingsbridge

Book 2- Seven of Spades

Release Date: 01/29/18 (e-book)

Goodreads / Amazon 

Wow, I could talk about this series forever. I don't know who the killer is and it is driving me crazy!! I LOVE this series and it will be a definite re-read for me. I am looking forward to the next book more than any other book for 2019.

Each book has had me on the edge of my seat, I need to know who the killer is.
Author: Layla Reyne

Book 4.5- Agents Irish and Whiskey

Release Date: 03/17/18 (e-book)

Goodreads / Free e-copy 

Another series that I loved, every book is such a great read that I couldn't put down. Great writing and fantastic characters. There is also a wonderful spin-off series that is a must read.
Author: Charlie Cochet

Book 1- Four Kings Security

Release Date: 04/21/18 (ebook) 

Goodreads / Amazon 

If you love Charlie Cochet's THIRDS series you will love this contemporary series also. Hot guys, fast cars and men who would die to protect each other. Love this series, there are three books and one novella out so far. The humor is there as expected from Charlie Cochet but also the heat. Great series so far. 

Author: Jessie G

Book 1- A Kindred Story

Release Date: 09/23/18 (ebook)

Goodreads / Amazon 

If anyone knows me, knows I love everything Jessie writes. Her storytelling and writing are some of the best in the M/M genre. This is a new series that is a jump to the paranormal world which is a change from her contemporary work, The Sizzling Miami series and the Devils Pride MC series. 
If you haven't read anything by Jessie G then what are you waiting for?? 

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