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A Prophecy Fulfilled by Andi O’Connor, Tour& Giveaway

A Prophecy Fulfilled
The Vaelinel Trilogy #3
Andi O’Connor

Publication date: December 9th 2018
Genres: Adult, Fantasy, Paranormal
Regrouping after their escape from the Light Elves, Irewen and her companions fear the worst after black smoke plumes on the horizon. Allowing compassion to rule over reason, they ignore Finnwyn’s warning and return to Lilendvelle, hoping to help some of the survivors stranded in the city’s wake. Instead, they run into a trap.
Completely surrounded by an endless army of Drulaack, they fight for their lives, but their efforts aren’t enough. Irewen is captured and dragged into the heart of the Corrupter’s lair.
Having his prize, the others in the company are granted their freedom, but at a great cost: the one named in the prophecy who is meant to unite the elf forces and stand against the Corrupter is lost to the world – trapped beneath the Corrupter’s talons.
With the aid of his mother’s spirit, Brendell must now find a way to gather an alliance strong enough to march against the Corrupter and his army, but his time is running out. Each day that passes brings Irewen closer to death.
And the world closer to destruction.

Irewen clung to Silevethiel’s thick coat, but her strength began to wane. She cried out as her fingers slipped through the Dame’s white tufts of fur. The connection with the spirit she was banishing broke, and she screamed when she fell from Silevethiel’s back.
She hit the ground hard, knocking the wind from her lungs. Desperate for any sort of protection from the Drulaack, Irewen tried to roll beneath Silevethiel. Before she managed to move a few inches, two Drulaack grabbed her arms and pulled her away from the Dame.
Silevethiel spun around, throwing a number of Drulaack from her body. She charged toward Irewen’s captors, blood dripping from her snout. Before the Drulaack had a chance to react, the Dame sunk her teeth into one of their legs before ripping it off at the knee.
The attack didn’t affect the creature at all. Without so much as a cry of pain, it waited for one of its fellow Drulaack to grab Irewen’s arm in its place before hopping out of the way.
Dozens of arrows flew toward the two Drulaack holding her. All hit their marks, but neither of the creatures faltered or lessened their grip on Irewen’s wrists. Irewen frantically kicked her legs, whipping them around as much as she could in an effort to knock at least one of the Drulaack off balance, but her efforts were useless. The two Drulaack continued to drag her further into the throng of the enemy.
Irewen struggled violently against the grip of her captors, desperate to free herself. Her heart beat wildly in her chest. She watched in horror as her friends were overrun before disappearing from her view.
“No!” Irewen dug her toes beneath the corpse of a fallen Light Elf. She pulled with all her strength, trying to use its weight as leverage to stop the two Drulaack from taking her any further away from her companions. It made no difference. She may as well have been fighting against an army of Somdyrr for all the good her efforts did her.
Her scream was lost among the clamor. This couldn’t be happening. There had to be something that could be done to stop the Drulaack. Someone had to be able to help her.
«We’re trying, Irewen!» The Dame’s voice was laden with agony. «There are too many of them!»
Without warning, the two Drulaack stopped dragging Irewen and pinned her to the ground. A third put a gag in her mouth and pushed her over onto her stomach. They tied her hands behind her back before securing her ankles and knees with chains.
«Sil! Help me!»
«Irewen, don’t give up! We won’t rest until—»
An armoured fist crashed down on Irewen’s temple, and the world went black.

Author Bio:
Andi O'Connor is the award-winning author of The Dragonath Chronicles, The Vaelinel Trilogy, and The Legacy of Ilvania. The Speaker is the 2018 Independent Press Award Winner for Fantasy and a Finalist in the 11th Annual National Indie Excellence Awards. Andi's novel, Awakening, is a 2018 Independent Press Award Distinguished Favorite for Fantasy. Her critically acclaimed novel, Silevethiel, is the 2015 Best Indie Book Award winner for Science Fiction/Fantasy and the 2015 New Apple Official Selection for Young Adult. Silevethiel was also named to Kirkus Reviews' Best Books of 2013.
You can frequently find Andi as an exhibitor and guest panelist at Comic Cons throughout the country including the Rhode Island Comic Con, Awesome Con, Philcon, Conclave, and Chessiecon. For more information, visit Andi's website at
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