Friday, July 5, 2019

Under the Skin by Zara West Tour & Giveaway

Under the Skin
Zara West

Publication date: June 6th 2019
Genres: Adult, Romance, Thriller

A billionaire bridge builder
A gifted thief
A ruthless criminal
Can he save her before it’s too late?

Despite the pain, despite the cold, despite the fate hanging over her, she wanted this man. He might be a rich bastard, but he made her feel safe.
She turned slightly. Would it hurt to steal a kiss? One chaste kiss from a hero before she tumbled into a nightmare world where who knew what would happen to her.
A taste. Just one little taste of something good in all this world of bad.
He was not the handsomest of men. With his long face and pointed chin and deep-set eyes, he’d never model for a magazine cover. He looked too foreign and hard-edged for that.
Plus, he had the unwavering gaze of a predator, mixed with the quiet patience of a hunter. If anything, that made him more attractive.
She didn’t need soft. She didn’t need beauty. She needed strength. She needed protection.
Lena peered into eyes so dark and intense they reminded her of a wolf she’d seen at the Bronx Zoo, the animal wary and challenging at the same time. Her gaze fell to his wide, full-lipped mouth. Those were not the cruel lips of a wolf, but those of man she wanted to kiss.
She brushed the snowflakes off his cheek, and before she could change her mind, she set her lips against his.

Author Bio:
Zara West loves all things adventurous and heart-stopping as long as they lead to true love. Born in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Zara spends winters in New York where the streets hum with life, summers in the Maritimes where the sea can be cruel, and the rest of the year anywhere inspiration for tales of suspense, mystery, and romance are plentiful.
An accomplished artist by training and passion, she brings a love of art to every book she writes. When not marooned on an island or chasing after Greek shepherds, Zara tends her organic herb garden, collects hats and cats, and whips up ethnic dishes for friends and family.
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