Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Inferno by Emma Renshaw

Inferno by Emma Renshaw is now live!

One night changed an entire town.
I lost everything the night of the Hawk Valley bonfire.
The ghosts of my past kept me inside the town limits, though I dreamed of faraway places.
He was the town golden boy. Son of the mayor. Firefighter and local hero. I was the girl from the wrong side of town and still paying for my father's sins. I tried to stay away from our local hero, but he kept popping up everywhere. He singed my nerves, but every time we bickered, I only wanted to kiss him.
The unexpected passion between us turned into a blazing inferno. A promise of only one night turned into two. Until we couldn't stop.
I thought there was nothing left to lose.
But when the past came back to burn us, I realized I never knew what I had...

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Emma loves to write, just don't ask her to write about herself. If she isn't writing, you can find her lost in a book or trying to get her doggo to take a selfie with her. He usually refuses. At the end of the day, you can find Emma at the closest Mexican restaurant eating queso and sipping on a margarita. She lives in Texas with her husband and dog.
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