Monday, April 12, 2021

Romancing His Heart by Avery Maxwell

Romancing His Heart, an all-new small-town billionaire romance from Avery Maxwell is available now!

I’m a highly trained special operative tasked with taking down the East Coast’s most dangerous man—my father.
She’s a bubbly, timid, overly inquisitive romance author with an aversion to true love. And she’s now under my protection.
As our worlds collide, we’re forced into hiding while I piece together who’s chasing us. Being alone in a one-room cabin with Sloane Camden has me catching feelings I have no business having.
When I finally give in to temptation, the sparks we’ve created turn into wild flames.
Will our time together be enough to tear down her walls? Or will old insecurities have her running before we even begin?
I write romance; I don’t live it.
As far as I’m concerned, happily ever after is best left in storybooks where they can’t hurt you.
But spending time alone with the insufferable Loki Kane has me questioning all I thought I knew.
Long days turn into hot nights, and before long, the line between fiction and reality becomes blurred.
He has a way of making me see the light even in the darkest of days. For the first time in my life, I’m wondering, what if?
When the walls of his past close in, will I be strong enough to fight for us? Or will I run before he can leave me too?

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“Who are you?” I finally ask.
With a smirk so sexy it sends blood rushing through my veins, she replies, “I’m Sloane. Emory’s sister, the renter of this apartment, romance author extraordinaire, and now, your private nurse.”
Emory. Emory. Emory? I have that niggling feeling again and smash my knuckles into my temples. Why can’t I remember?
“Ah, Loki?” Her sweet voice fills the room. “Emory. Preston’s doctor, remember?” Sloane murmurs just as Ashton enters the room.
“Jesus Christ, Loki. It’s so good to see you awake. You scared the shit out of us,” he says while wrapping me in one of those Westbrook hugs I learned to tolerate all those years ago. Okay, maybe tolerate is too harsh a word, but I can’t focus on how good it is to be home right now.
“It’s good to see you, too, Ash. We have work to do, though.” Remembering we have an audience, I turn to Sloane. “Hey, Red? Would you mind giving us a few minutes?”
“Actually, I do.”
Seth rolls his eyes, and Ashton chuckles.
What the hell?
“Listen, I see you’ve camped out here, and I appreciate you were taking care of me, but my work is confidential and could be a matter of life or death. Plus, this is my apartment, so I’m going to have to ask you to step out of the room.”
Is this girl joking?
I look to the guys for backup and realize instantly that they have no intention of stepping in.
“What do you mean, no? This,” I say, gesturing around the room, “is my apartment.”
Her sparkling green eyes dance with mischief, and I know she’s about to put me in my place.
“You may own it, but I am renting it. I have a signed lease, and I’ve checked; you cannot kick me out.” She smiles as she rounds the bed, her wild, silky hair falling out of a ponytail that sits on top of her head. Before settling back into her chair, she opens a medicine bottle, then hands me two pills and a glass of water.
“Take those before the pain gets too bad. Doctor’s orders, and you don’t want to mess with my sister. One is an antibiotic, and one is just a mild pain pill. If Emory’s sedatives didn’t knock you out, you don’t need to worry about those.”
How the hell did she know I would worry about the pain pills knocking me out?
“Ah, boss? I’ve got some stuff to tell you, and it’s okay to talk freely in front of Sloane.”
Seth is acting dodgy, and I don’t like it. Narrowing my eyes, I glare from him to Sloane, to Ashton before finally settling back on Seth.
“Well, what is it?” My irritation is bubbling over.
“Sloane, you have your notebook handy, right? You might as well take notes. I think we’re going to need them to piece this together.”
I watch in shock as she takes not one but two pens out of her ponytail and grabs the notebook on my nightstand.
“We’re going to talk about this apartment thing. Soon,” I say seriously.
“Can’t wait, handsome.” She winks. She actually fucking winks at me.

About Avery
Avery Maxwell is an American Romance Author who loves wine, sexy stories, pizza, and her family.
Avery is a hot mess of a mom to four wildly sweet mini-humans and two fur babies. She spends far too much time in her pj's and trips over herself multiple times a day. Accident-prone is probably a fair assessment.
Having grown up in small-town Vermont, Avery often jokes about being the most naïve person in the room. Luckily, she's used that small-town charm to write character-driven contemporary romances that have you laughing one minute, and crying the next.
When she isn't refereeing (three little boys require a lot of whistle blowing), or cuddled up with her real-life Prince Charming, you can find her tucked away with a bottle of wine (because those steamy scenes don't write themselves!), or coaching her daughter's basketball team.
Avery now lives in North Carolina where she brings life, love, and a happily ever after to every character she writes.
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