Tuesday, April 13, 2021

The Prophecy of Freialen by Ashlee Lynn

The Prophecy of Freialen by Ashlee Lynn
‘Debut Novel’

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For Freialen, life just got more complicated.
Born into a magical world, Freialen never understood how chaotic her life was about to become. Being both the daughter of Odin, a Norse God, and having a mother with powerful witch bloodlines. Freialen was destined for greatness.
Only now, she must leave Asgard, the only home she has ever known, and embark on a dangerous journey to gain her true powers and the destiny that awaits her with her fated mates.
To make matters worse, a battle is brewing and causing unexpected enemies. Desperate to find her mates and her powers, Freialen will stop at nothing to succeed.

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