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Unashamedly Us (Offbeat Shifters Book 4) by Colette Davison @gaybookpromo @Colette_Davison

Book Title: Unashamedly Us (Offbeat Shifters Book 4)
Author: Colette Davison
Publisher: Independently published
Cover Artist: Colette Davison
Release Date: April 13, 2021
Genre/s: Paranormal M/M romance
Trope/s: Omegaverse, shifters, age gap (19 years), mpreg, pop star, hurt/comfort, found family
Themes: Importance of family, being true to yourself, standing up for yourself
Heat Rating: 4 flames
Length: 77 000 words
Not a standalone story. It is the fourth book in a series, which should be read in order. At the very least, it should be read after book 3, Unapologetically Me

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Charlie taught me I deserved to be loved. Will I be brave enough to claim him as mine?

Temporarily separated while Charlie is on tour, my love for him grows. He is my future—or he will be, once we’ve made our relationship public.
Charlie has been patient—probably too patient—while I’ve been struggling to get over my fear that history will repeat itself. An unforgiving media destroyed my career, I don’t want the same thing to happen to the man I love.
Telling the world is one of many obstacles we have to navigate. The only thing I’m sure of is that we’ll find our way together.

Unashamedly Us is the fourth book in Offbeat Shifters, an m/m paranormal romance series with a continuing storyline. The series is best read in order, however Charlie and Austin’s story begins in book 3, Unapologetically Me. This book includes a monkey shifter who has to face his fears, an arctic fox shifter who will always stand up for himself, extended families, steadfast friends, lots of children, and a HEA ending for the main characters. There are pregnancy and birth scenes in this book.


“I’m feeling needy.” I walked up to him, pulling him close and kissing him while savouring his touch and taste.
“Me too.” Charlie smiled and then leant against my body. He stroked my back and breathed in deeply, his chest expanding against mine.
“What are you doing?”
“Memorising your scent.”
I kissed his hair and then inhaled so I could do the same. Charlie’s scent was very distinctive—toffee apples and crisp autumn mornings. My heart squeezed tight at the realisation that I wouldn’t get to hold, kiss, or be in the same room as Charlie for three months.
Staying behind and keeping our relationship secret, for now, was the right decision. Charlie didn’t need any stress on top of the rigours of touring. It didn’t matter that his schedule was more relaxed than most singers enjoyed; the demands of performing two-hour sets were exhausting. Worrying about the media gossiping about us was the last thing he needed. Or maybe it was the last thing I needed, and Charlie was an easy scapegoat for my fear.
But the media and Charlie’s fans would gossip the moment they found out we were a couple. I was nineteen years older than him, and we were both omegas.
Charlie slipped his hands underneath my shirt and started to walk me backwards, kissing me.
“This is nice,” I said during a brief break between kisses.
“I’m saying goodbye,” Charlie whispered as he tipped us both onto the sofa.
“Didn’t we do that this morning?”
“Uh-huh.” He pushed my shirt up and pressed kisses to my chest.
“And last night?”
“Yes, but I want to say it again.” He looked up at me. “I’m really gonna miss you.” He undid my belt. “I need to feel your skin against mine one last time before I go.”


Book 1 could be read as standalone.

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The first rule of being a bodyguard is never get involved with your client. It should have been easy to follow, but Jesse Steele is a beautiful, kind omega, who’s far more down to earth than a pop star has any right to be.
Someone discovering our tryst becomes the least of our worries when it becomes clear Jesse has a stalker.
Can I love Jesse and protect him, or will my emotions cloud my judgement and put him in danger?

Secretly Mine is an m/m paranormal romance with a protective tiger shifter, a sweet monkey shifter, lots of cuddles, secret kisses, and piggy back rides. Whilst it is set in an alternate universe where omegas give birth, there are no pregnancy or birth scenes in this book.

Trigger warning for mentions of infertility.

Openly Yours (Offbeat Shifters #2)
Book 2 is a direct follow-on from book 1 and will not have the same impact without having read book 1.

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Now the tour is over, Isaac has to adapt to depending financially on someone else for the first time.
When my world gets thrown into turmoil again, I need to learn that relying emotionally on others isn’t a bad thing.
We have to face our biggest challenge together—creating a different dream from the one we had envisioned.

Openly Yours is an m/m paranormal romance with a loving tiger shifter, a sweet monkey shifter, enthusiastic family members, and lots of cuddles. Whilst it is set in an alternate universe where omegas give birth, there are no pregnancy or birth scenes in this book.

Trigger warning for scenes revolving around infertility.

Unapologetically Me (Offbeat Shifters #3)
but has spoilers for the other two so is definitely better read as part of the series.

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Austin Steele is my idol. He’s also the guy I can’t get enough of.
Everyone thinks they know who I am—one of pop’s biggest divos. They don’t know me at all. Austin Steele makes me want to see the real me, only there’s some problems:
We’re both omegas, he’s nineteen years my senior, he’s nursing old wounds, and he wants to keep what’s happening between us a secret.
I thought a one-night stand was all I wanted. Now it’s becoming so much more. But how can we look to the future when we can’t let go of our pasts?

Unapologetically Me is the third book in Offbeat Shifters, an m/m paranormal romance series with a continuing storyline. This book includes a misunderstood and unapologetic Arctic fox shifter, a caring capuchin monkey shifter, and a HFN ending. While it’s set in an alternate universe where omegas give birth, there are no pregnancy or birth scenes in this book.

Review: Noooo this can't be the last book in this series!! I thoroughly enjoyed this whole series. I couldn't put these books down, I loved everything about this one, Austin and Charlie are now going to be separated for months while Charlie is on tour but going into this story I wondered how long they would actually be apart from one another. 
I think the rebuilding of the relationship between Austin and his son Jesse just gets better in each book. I can say I did finally come around to liking Charlie's alpha dad a little, but it took until the very end for me to even give him that much. 
I was hoping there would be another book with Wulf and Isaac's brother. 

About the Author
Colette’s personal love story began at university, where she met her future husband. An evening of flirting, in the shadow of Lancaster castle, eventually led to a fairytale wedding. She’s enjoying her own ‘happy ever after’ in the north of England with her husband, two beautiful children and her writing.

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