Tuesday, May 25, 2021


Blurb/back of book:
Kathryn Reilly is struggling to get a foothold for her young business in the 90’s tech boom. When her new executive client turns out to be the same passionate rogue who nearly seduced her at a Renaissance Faire, she chalks it up to one of life’s cruel jests and vows to not let the near one-night stand interfere with the contract her firm needs.
CEO Ian Somerland rarely hears the word “no” in business or romance. Kathryn’s apparent immunity to his charms is a puzzle, as he knows firsthand the passion that hides behind her buttoned-up exterior. Ian loves a challenge, and he is determined to make getting her in his bed his next big win.
Kathryn does her best to keep their relationship all work and no play, but she is outmatched when Ian turns his seductive skills on her. Can she keep from losing her heart to a man who is one of the city’s biggest playboys while chasing the most important deal of her life?

Several short/blurbs from Amazon ads:

· She’s all business. He wants to have some fun. Can her new client convince her there’s more to life than work?

· What does a steamy, near one-night stand and her CEO client have in common? Monday will change her career and love life forever.

· When a playboy CEO determines she's his next conquest, will she need to choose between protecting her business or giving in to her heart's desires?

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Author Bio – Grace Grahme
I love reading and I love writing even more- I balance (not always successfully) writing, a career, a family, and a menagerie of rescued dogs, cats, and backyard chickens.
Writing allows me to live vicariously through my characters, escape to worlds and experiences I might never have, and my characters always have a witty response or a perfect retort. (no more 5 hours later having the thought of 'that's what I should have said!')
I'm an avid coffee consumer and adult beverage fan. I love catching up with my friends on Marco Polo and working out at the gym. I avoid cleaning, cardio, and carbs- unless it's an emergency.
I carve out writing time by starting my day at 515am. Which unfortunately means I'm in bed earlier than I'd like. If anyone knows how to be a night owl AND an early bird, drop me a line!

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