Thursday, June 3, 2021


Release Date: June 3

There is nothing Audrey Young wants more than to finally step out of her father’s shadow.
Known for being one of Boston’s most sought-after – and less than ethical – corporate attorneys, Benedict Young has always wanted the best for his daughter.
Only Benedict and Audrey’s versions of “the best” have never exactly lined up...
Just weeks after passing the bar, Audrey secures an interview at Ortega & Beckham – her father’s rival firm.
Filled with a mix of nerves and excitement, she heads to a small pub in South Boston the night before... for one drink.
Just. One. Drink.
Instead Audrey finds a bartender with a generous pour and Leo - the hot guy at the end of the bar who convinces her to stay for a cheeseburger and much longer than she planned. All the while, Audrey knows she doesn't have time for a relationship. So, she takes their flirty conversation for exactly what it is: harmless fun.
That is... until the next morning when she walks into her interview and comes face to face with Leo himself.
Fate isn’t something Audrey believes in, but if she did… this certainly would feel a lot like it.
The only problem? Leo is her new boss.
Their chemistry may be off the charts, but they both agree their careers come first.
What Audrey and Leo both seem to forget is that all is fair in love and law.
...and some lines are meant to be crossed.

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Meet Dee Lagasse
Dee Lagasse is a mom of three from New England.
When she's not writing, Dee can be found stalking The Royal Family, reading Marvel comics, or harassing her husband to reach something on the top shelf.

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