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Oil Kings, Book 4

I’ve been the wicked witch of King’s Creek since I was eight years old, from my angry red hair down to my ball-busting boots. With a mean drunk for a daddy who left nothing but insults and unpaid bills in his wake, was there ever any other fate? Now his passing has left me one bad turn, from losing my land to the neighbors my family’s been feuding with for generations.
So of course it’s Dawson King who comes to my rescue in the middle of a snowstorm. But I don’t care how good he looks in a pair of Wranglers, or how much he spoils my horse, or how great of a cook he is. The Kings already have everything—money, looks, and charm. Dawson’s not getting my heart too.
I’m living my dream, I admit it. I took over the family ranch from my dad and grew it into the envy of Montana. I have the best views, the best employees, and the respect of the entire town. The only thing I don’t have is someone to share my dream with. So when my neighbor breaks her leg and nearly freezes to death, I all but kidnap her back to my place to recover.
We grew up less than a mile apart, but we couldn’t be in more different places now. Bristol’s had nothing but pride for so long, it’s hard to get close to her. And I want to get very close to Bristol.
I don’t care if the whole town loves me, I’m only interested in earning the love of one woman. But for a guy who’s got the world at his feet, Bristol’s heart might be out of my reach.

King’s Country Excerpt:
Dawson’s brown gaze was serious by the time it collided with mine. He didn’t start with small talk. “Why can’t you stay with me?”
“Because I don’t need to.”
He cocked an arrogant brow, and it only added to his rugged manliness instead of making him repellent. “The snow’s started. I have your horse, your cow, and your dog. You might as well stay.”
I gave him a tight smile. “Are you going to put me in the barn too?”
“I have nice straw, what can I say?” He rolled his eyes. “I don’t know what cave you think I crawled out of, but I have a big house. You won’t even have to see me that much.”
I gestured to my cast. “All your bedrooms are upstairs.”
“Not mine.” Grief hid in the depths of his whiskey eyes. “I have Mama and Dad’s old room downstairs,” he added softly.
The reminder of his mom peeled open the haphazard bandage I’d slapped over my heart years ago. Sarah King had been one of the best people who roamed the earth, and one of my dad’s stupidest decisions had stolen her from us.
“I don’t want to sleep on a couch.” Dawson’s couch was probably nicer than the salvaged mattress I had in the RV, but I didn’t want to sleep under the same roof as him. If only the trailer were more inhabitable.
“I’ll stand at the end of the stairs so when you fall hopping up them, I can catch you.” His tone was dry. “You can use my bed.”
Heat swamped my body. There was no reason on God’s green earth that I needed to be near or in Dawson’s bed. I didn’t care if it was for convalescence. No. “I’ll be fine at home.”
That wasn’t true. I had no goddamn clue how I was going to stay in my RV and do what needed to get done, but I’d figure it out like I had all my life.
“Take me home.” I sat up and scooted my legs over, biting back a grimace. My right leg was killing me and my cuts screamed. “Never mind. I can call for a ride.”
“And pay them how? I didn’t see a purse on you.”
“I can call . . . someone else.”
“Like a boyfriend?” His voice was stilted. Odd.
I gave him a careful glare. “Yeah, like a boyfriend.”
He pulled out my phone and handed it over. The screen blinked on. The barrage of messages from Marshall would’ve been easy to see. My cheeks burned. Would there be a time I wasn’t ashamed around Dawson King? 

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Marie Johnston is a RITA® Finalist, and a best-selling and award-winning writer of paranormal and contemporary romance – and an avid reader of them both. ​
Several years ago, when kids started outnumbering adults in the house, Marie Johnston left her job as a public health microbiologist to stay at home. Settling into working part-time and shuttling kids around gave Marie the opportunity to think about what she wanted to be when she grew up. A die-hard science geek, she explored her previously thought to be non-existent creative side after much time spent making snowman crafts and coloring princesses. Having entertained thoughts of writing a book one day then subsequently deciding it would be too hard, she finally put the figurative pen to paper and began to type – and fell in love with storytelling.
The Sigma Menace is the first series by Marie with Fever Claim being her first book EVER. She is humbled by the fact that people are willing to read to her books and looks forward to keeping readers entertained for many years.
Marie lives with her husband and four kids in the Upper Midwest where the summers are gorgeous, the winters are brutal, and spring and fall are luxuries.
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