Thursday, September 23, 2021

ZODIAC by Annelise Reynolds and Quinn Ryder

Zodiac is Now LIVE!

Are you ready for your next MC obsession? An emotional rollercoaster that's going to having you laughing, bawling, and on the edge of your seat? Well, my wonderful readers, you're in luck!

Quinn Ryder and Annelise Reynolds have joined forces to create this one-of-a-kind MC series based off the signs of the Zodiac. They aren't a 1% club, but they also will fight for their brothers and the ones they love.

Zodiac is book one in the Celestial Sons MC Series.

This is a second chance romance that is packed full of emotion. Tess and Zodiac have one of those love stories that defies all odds, and together, this Prez and his estranged lover come together with the rest of the Celestial Sons MC to fight against a new enemy. A 1% club that's ready to take them all down.

Cover Model: Darrin James Dedmon
Photographer: Golden Czermak of Furious Fotog
Cover Designer: Quinn Ryder

Zodiac Synopsis:
As President of the Celestial Sons MC, I’ve spent half of my life wishing on stars that I could take back the night Tess Wilkins walked out of my life. Hurting Tess was the biggest mistake I ever made, but I can’t take it back, nor remember anything about that night if I tried. Running my MC was the only thing that kept me going over the years, but now she’s suddenly home, and I’ll do anything to win her back, even if it means revealing the secret, I’ve been keeping from her for the last twenty years and ruining any chance I have of holding her again.
For twenty years, I’ve avoided my hometown of Rising Star, Texas and all the memories and ghosts that I would rather leave buried there. Returning home wasn’t part of the plan, but when my grandmother suddenly fell ill, I knew I had no choice but to return home to care for her. What I didn’t anticipate was for all those ghosts I ran away from to find me the second I walked through the door, or for him to ride back into my life harboring a twenty-year secret that is even more devastating than the reason I left Rising Star in the first place.

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Readers are already raving about this book:
A.M. a Goodreads Reviewer: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Five Stars!
"There is so much in this story that'll just hit you right in the feels. All the secrets, lies, betrayal, heartache, loss, and truths all add up to one explosive read."

G.C. a Goodreads Reviewer: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Five Stars!
"These two women definitely have started one of the best series I have read in a while. Can’t wait to see what happens next!"

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