Thursday, December 9, 2021

Scarred Regrets by Adelaide Forrest

Scarred Regrets by Adelaide Forrest is releasing December 30, 2021!

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Broken men don’t fall in love.
We linger in the darkness, consumed by the sins that define us.
Irina is the sole reason my heart beats. She’s everything that matters in a world filled with evil that a woman so good and pure should never have to see.
She’ll add another scar to my collection — this one engraved on my heart.
When she’s taken by our enemy to use for his vengeance. Even knowing she can never be mine, I’ll stop at nothing to see her safe.
The Irina I rescue isn’t the same feisty woman they stole.
Her soul is broken. Her heart is hollow like mine, because of the things she’s seen. She needs me in a way I’ve never known.
And I will destroy the man who shattered what’s mine.

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