Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Crow by Lynne Leslie

Title | Crow
Series | Dirty Mavericks MC, #2
Genre | MC Romance/Crime Thriller

I was sixteen when I lost my family. Tied to a banister, I watched as they were brutalized, tortured, and murdered without remorse before the assailants turned on me.
If only they had rid this world of my presence.
It’s a mistake that will eventually prove deadly for them.
I’m no longer a person with a soul. Darkness consumes me as I seek my revenge. My brothers are the only thing that keeps me above water when I feel like drowning. My rage is all-consuming and being part of the brotherhood allows me the freedom to purge when it’s needed.
Emotions are a distant memory, something I want no part of. They make people weak and leave them vulnerable. As the Dirty Mavericks VP, weakness could get me and my brothers killed.
Seems fate has other plans for me though, coming in the form of a tiny silver-eyed vixen who’s fourteen years my junior.
Sage tests my limits and my control. She’s surrounded by light while I’m shrouded in darkness. She’s everything I can’t afford to have, yet I want to corrupt her anyway.
When my past collides with my present and takes Sage away, her tarnished halo could be the one thing that helps me save her.

⟶It is important to read the Author's Note at the beginning of this book!

Sage waits until I finish the last bite of her chocolate things before pouncing. “Well? What do you think?”
I climb from my chair, gather the dishes on the table, and carry them to the sink. “Fucking delicious, babe. You already know it.”
“I’ll do that, Crow,” she says, coming up beside me and trying to yank the washcloth from my hand.
“It’s Hendrik. You just busted your ass in this kitchen. Go sit down and let me clean up.”
The way her body stills in my peripheral has me glancing over at her. Her lips are parted slightly as she gazes up at me with flushed cheeks and wide eyes.
The fuck?
“You good?”
“Name, babe.”
“Dios mío.” She tosses her hands in the air and makes this fucking adorable scrunchy face. “Name, babe,” she mocks. “Just toss it out so casually that I almost miss it. Like it’s not a major piece of information.”
My body shakes when she lets out a growl.
Fucking cute.
“And now he laughs.” She pokes my bicep and then scowls at it and does it again only to scowl harder. “What the heck are these things made of anyway? Steel? I almost broke my finger. You’re distracting. Where was I?”
I wipe the water from my hands and turn to lean back against the sink. “I think you were getting on to me because I laughed at your cuteness.”
“Yes,” she stresses. “This is no laughing matter, mister. I’m trying to make a point here.”
“You are?” I ask, grabbing the dishtowel.
I twist it between my hands until it’s tight. She glances over her shoulder as she wipes the table down. “I am, but your brain is obviously tiny if you can’t even figure that out.”
With a smirk, I flick my wrist, sending one end of the towel snapping out and striking against that ass I’m so fascinated with. The crack echoes through the kitchen and blends with her loud yelp. She reaches back and rubs the cheek that I caught and turns to glare at me.
“That hurt.”
I snort. “It wasn’t supposed to tickle. You were being sassy again.” I glance at the clock above my entryway to the kitchen. “Thanks for supper, babe, but it’s getting late. We need to get you back to Wraith’s. Is that where you’re staying or you going back home?”
She’s got an apartment in Louisville now that she shares with Piper so she’s closer to her classes. I know her parents miss her, but I also know they’re happy as hell and proud as fuck that she’s doing this shit on her own. She’ll be turning nineteen before long and she’s already got her life together more than an average middle-aged person.
“I’m staying with him and Nova tonight and heading back tomorrow. I have too much crap to get ready with the end of my first year coming up.”
“Come on then. Let’s get your ass back.”
I drop her off at her vehicle and am about to head to my bike when she says my name, placing her hand on my arm. When I turn to her, she doesn’t speak words. She chooses another way to share her thanks, and I’m honestly not surprised. She takes the chance whenever she can to push the boundaries.
Sage lifts to her toes and covers my mouth with hers. She keeps it brief, just a few soft brushes of her lips against mine, before she pulls away.
“Thank you,” she whispers, climbing inside her SUV and slamming the door.
My phone rings as I head toward my bike, and when I catch the unknown number flashing on the screen, I stumble a bit. There’s only one reason an unknown number shows up on my phone and they never fucking call.
Even as dread rushes through my body, I answer it. “You got a huge set of balls calling me. Stepping up your game, yeah?”
“She’s pretty, sitting in that SUV all by herself. Tell me, are her lips as soft as they look?”
My body yanks tight at the robotic words, and my eyes scan around us. “Care to come out and show yourself? Or does it make your dick feel bigger to threaten her while hidden?”
“I wonder, could you get to her before her pretty little brain is splattered across her windshield.”
The call drops and I spit out a curse. I scan the area as I pull up my security feed on my phone. There’s no feeling of imminent danger in my gut, which means whoever they are, they’ve somehow got fucking eyes on us. My system says everything is clear and there are no breaches.
This motherfucker is good, and I don’t fucking like it.
Tomorrow, it’s time to go hunting for the eyes that shouldn’t be here and find out how the hell they got here in the first place. Right now, though, my little dove needs to get out of here.
I’m pissed.
Every time I start to cave, every time I believe I’m able to give in to her, shit pops up to remind me that I’m a danger to anyone who wants to love me.

Mom. Fiancée. Wine Drinker. Hot Mess. Even bigger Walking Disaster. Fluent Sarcasm Speaker. Word Writer. Collector of Readers Hearts. Taco Lover. Book Nerd.
Lynne is a USA Today Bestselling Author who writes a little mix of everything. Currently, it's romance with a handful of suspense thrown in, a dash of dark and twisty along the way, and a lot more than the recipe calls for of steamy against-the-wall sexiness.
She lives in the quiet country with a bossy mister, a mischievous little prince, and two sassy divas. If you don’t catch her with her nose in a book or her fingers scribbling on paper, she’s usually right in front of the television with her family. She loves anything that glitters and has a weird habit of collecting pens. She thinks seafood is disgusting, beach sand is the devil, and Tom Hardy is life.

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