Thursday, April 21, 2022

Breathe by Isabel Jolie

Breathe by Isabel Jolie is now live!

Coming Back to Where You Started Is Not the Same as Coming Home.
He never should have let her go. His first love, his first everything.
The one the young doctor can’t forget.
Ten years later, David James knows she’s not the same girl he loved.
But he sees Kairi now with her haunted eyes – and he remembers.
Kairi Morrigan returned to Howell Mountain to hide and make a plan.
Once an international fugitive, she’s now a part of a secretive black ops team.
Her return home is temporary. A shelter without a paper trail.
She didn’t expect to see him. Nor did she expect the rush of emotion.
David’s caring and honest. He’s a good man, building a life that has no place for her.
She knows she shouldn’t but she hungers for his touch, to lose herself in him one more time.
She lost one great love to the people who betrayed her.
The one thing she won’t do is risk another person she loves.
The one thing she can never give him, or her enemy, is a second chance.

Breathe is a stand-alone romantic suspense novel. No cliffhangers, no prior interaction necessary. Includes a bisexual heroine in an M/F relationship. Breathe is set in both Napa and Santa Barbara, California, featuring steamy vineyard romance and love under the threat of an epic blackout.

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Meet Isabel Jolie
Isabel Jolie, aka Izzy, lives on a lake, loves dogs of all stripes, and if she's not working, she can be found reading, often with a glass of wine in hand. In prior lives, Izzie worked in marketing and advertising, in a variety of industries, such as financial services, entertainment, and technology. In this life, she loves daydreaming and writing contemporary romances with strong heroines.

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