Thursday, April 14, 2022

The Divide by Holly Annaleisha

The Divide by Holly Annaleisha is now live!

In the quiet streets of Baynor Green, a closely guarded secret lurks behind every corner. Sarah Colling, a local favourite, is opening a hip new café on the main street, but when her first love walks back into her life, painful questions follow.

Britney Adamson, a young single mother on the other side of town, is struggling to build a future for her son, Noah, and forget the betrayal that has haunted them both. She doesn't have time for a man, especially not her son's new teacher.
The two women lead opposing lives but discover that they have more in common than they realise. Beneath Baynor Green's small-town charm lies an underbelly of privilege, scandals, and dark secrets that some will keep hidden at any cost, and with Britney and Sarah connected by a single, terrible event of the past, their destinies are set on a collision course that neither can foresee.

**The Divide is the first novel in the enticing Baynor Green series, and it contains scenes of abuse, bad language, and sexual content.

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Meet Holly Annaleisha
Holly currently resides in Manchester, UK, with her partner and small cat, after making numerous stops and travelling to various countries worldwide over the years. Her stepmother, who introduced her to the world of literature, instilled in her a love of reading. On average, she reads three books per week. When she's not
got her nose buried in a book, she is attempting to persuade her partner to
read one, but sadly, her love of books has not rubbed off on him.

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