Thursday, August 25, 2022

Adrenaline by A.L. Woods is now live!

Adrenaline by A.L. Woods is now live!

I watched my father fall to his death at the hands of another.
When I grew up, I hunted down the man who killed him.
I got caught, and did my time.
When I got out, I tried rebuilding my life.
Katrina Tavares was part of that.
She gave me something I'd never had before.
But she destroyed us.
So I became someone I recognized again.
A blood thirsty wolf.
Now she's put herself back on my radar.
And theirs, too.
My friends want me to claim her.
My pride won't let me.
But something is hunting her, and the threat of an unknown predator isn't all I needed to worry about.
It's my friends, too.
There's four of us and one of her.
Run all you want, Little Rabbit.
These wolves run faster.

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Meet A.L. Woods
A.L. Woods is a bestselling author of roller coaster romances, caffeine aficionado, and collector of Sailor Moon paraphernalia.
She lives 40 minutes west of Toronto, Ontario with her partner, Michael, and their 8lb larger-than-life miniature dachshund, Maia.
She believes that burritos should be in their own food group, loves the fall, winged liner, and listening to metalcore at an offensive level.
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