Friday, October 21, 2022

THE PERPETUAL by Cindy Kehagiaras

 The Perpetual by @cmkehstories is available now! 



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Shelly is a disciplined, schedule-loving attorney who has written an internationally beloved romance novel based on an affair she had in the 1990s, her early twenties, with sexy, nomadic, professional surfer, Jason Mattis, whom she only saw once a year for five years in a row.


When Jason shows up at her book signing in 2019, she must come to terms with the fact that their chemistry is still as hot as it was thirty years ago. Before they can explore any rekindling, Jason gets a phone call that pulls Shelly into a part of his life that was previously unknown to her, involving an oil heiress, a Central American gangster and his menopausal wife, an antique crucifix, a group of women who are kindred spirits, and the undeniable attraction to Jason after all those years.

 The Perpetual will make you believe in second chances at love, female friendship bonds, untapped personal strength, and feeling sexy at any age.

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