Thursday, December 8, 2022

Queen of Darkness by Susan Person is now live!

Queen of Darkness by Susan Person is now live!

When darkness comes to claim Brie, will she be able to fight her way back to the light?

One battle doesn't win a war, and peace never lasts. Brie Danforth is settling into her role as the Queen of the Witches with her love, Nick, by her side, but the repercussions of saving her father are stuck to her... literally.
And dark magic sings in her blood with a familiar song, a serenade of alluring power she struggles to ignore.
But when Nick is marked, he and Brie learn their fate is entangled deeper than they imagined. Each must lead their own people, and love might be the only sacrifice to stop The Blood Moon Prophecy.

Queen of Darkness is the second book in The Blood Moon Prophecy paranormal romance series by Susan Person. If you like vampire and witch romance, magic, and a headstrong heroine leading the journey, this book is for you.

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Meet Susan Person
Susan Person is a multi-contest finalist in the paranormal and dark paranormal romance categories. A former member of Romance Writers of America since 2013, she served on the PRO Steering Committee for several years. Recently, she returned to college to pursue a degree in anthropology and graduated in May of 2021. Susan enjoys meeting writers and readers alike at conferences. Her grandmother's love of Harlequin novels was passed on to her, and she was fascinated by paranormal worlds and mythology. The combination of the two led her to the paranormal romance genre. She knew at an early age she wanted to write powerful heroines and fulfills that dream today by writing empowered heroines who take charge in their paranormal worlds.
Susan grew up on a thoroughbred horse farm before moving to the big city of Dallas. She considers herself a Texan but is loyal to her home state of Arkansas. A lover of travel, she has visited several countries with many more to go on her list. She particularly loved dowsing at Stonehenge and seeing the Eiffel Tower light up at night. The outdoors are a place Susan finds inspiration and can often be found in a park, at the lake, or on a road trip. She especially loves the mountains. Furry animals hold a special place in her heart. Dogs tend to seek her out as a friend, and she gladly returns their friendship.
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