About Us

Wendy- President, Reviewer & Blog Design
Books have always been a way to escape into another world for me- not a better world just a different one from my own. My love for reading continued after I got married and had my daughter, I hope that I have passed a love of reading on to her. I'm the kind of person that can read anything in front of me; being a magazine or even the back of a cereal box- I just enjoy reading. My first actual series that I remember rushing out to buy the newest book was V.C. Andrews- Flowers in the Attic series. I guess those books are what started me on my taste in the genres that I enjoy now- I grew up wanting to be a police officer so I have always enjoyed the True Crime books too, but the older I got I moved more into the Paranormal genres. Oh, I went through the Romance phase but that did not last very long for me. Twilight is what really got me back into reading the paranormal genre and loving vampires and anything mystical or preternatural. Now that I have more time on my hands I read even more, I also love a few TV shows but I usually DVR those and watch them on the weekends. Reading 2-4 books a week is not uncommon for me since I received a Kindle for my birthday years ago- Thanks Mom!!- and that ladies and gentlemen is why I started this small blog. I love the books I read and am constantly recommending them to other people, so when they ask what the books are about I can give them the info about this blog.
Contact info: wlm167@yahoo.com

Shonna- Vice President, Scheduler
“The Silent Third” is the title I like to call myself for the blog. Being personally vocal is something I have a tendency to shy away from. Two years ago I took a chance and emailed a gal I saw on a message board, wanting some information on Kindles. Wendy was kind enough to answer me back, and since then a cherished friendship has grown along with several other wonderful women. Growing up without computers, it is tough to enter this new world when you feel like you are from another planet. I use to sit in front of this keyboard and sweat bullets that I would push the wrong button (and yes I did several times) and mess something up on this blog. With time, and a lot of patience from poor Wendy, I can now get around enough to post a review and give anyone that is interested an honest opinion and tell a little bit about the story at hand. I hate starting a new book so I tend to steer toward one that leads into a series. I have old favorites, but am amazed at the many new and upcoming delightfully talented authors that are catching my eye. A small town in Southwest Missouri doesn’t usually have an abundance of things to do, so it is exciting to find a story that hooks you in and draws you away to a place you could never go before. Reading, by far is a passion that Wendy, LT and I all share,.. and I know WE all hope you share too. Please visit often, and share your thoughts and comments. We would love to hear from you. Shonna

LT- Vice President, Reviewer
Hhmmm Where do I start? Well, I'm my Kindles
B!tch, I love to read.  I'm a paranormal lover but not much into reading about the real world, I already live there I need something exciting.  
I'm new to blogging but I love these stories so much I wanted to share my take on them. One of the first authors I read was, Cassie Edwards, in the 90's, all Native American books, she has over 50 books in the Savage Series and I read them all. A few years ago I wanted to pick back up my love of reading so I found a few paranormal books and fell in love again, I connected with one author and found myself waiting over 6 months between books and wasn't reading anything in between. That was the Night series by Amanda Ashley, she's a really nice author that answers her own emails, after waiting years for 4 to 5 books, I started looking for more series so I searched Google, The Black Dagger Brotherhood is what I found. OMG I was in love from the first page, that will always be my favorite series and my favorite Brother will always be Phury.  Since then my reading picked up to one book a day, but I soon learned that reading a book a day you sometimes miss some of the good parts so I have slowed down to a book every 2 days, so I can enjoy them more.  I started out reading only about Vampires, of course we all love our Sexy Vamps, BUT there are so many other "species" out there like Breeds, Werewolves, Shifters, Witches, Wizards, Navy Seals, Ghosts, Gods, Lords, and even Ghouls.
I'm also into sports, football (Go Saints) and wrestling (Undertaker), I love to vacation and hope to go somewhere new every year. I live in Cali so I have cruised a lot, traveled by plane to London twice and Mexico once.  I'm hoping my new vacation will be to Alaska then to Jamaica.  Well I guess that's it for me.. thanks for stopping by to learn a little more about one of the ladies whose thoughts you are reading..